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The Titanic was called 'The ship of dreams' and 'Unsinkable' (after the disaster), along with being the biggest, most luxurious liner of its time and still holding record for the most luxurious ship though at the bottom of the Atlantic.

the Titanic disaster made lots of liner companies including White Star line (owners of Titanic) and Cunard (biggest rival company) to cancel some voyages and fit all ships with double hulls and keels.

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Why was the titanic so popular?

becues it was the biggest ship made

What is the most popular film ever made?

Titanic is the most popular because it really did happen

Why did they have titanic?

the company that made the titanic was in competition with other companies so they made the titanic as the most beautiful ship that would be hard to top

What has made the titanic more popular over the years?

it sank and never returned

Was the first boat the titanic?

No, boats have been made for hundreds of years by man. The Titanic was only the largest and most popular of its time.

What made the titanic so grand?

It was luxurious

What made the Titanic sink?

the titanic hit an iceberg and the rivets at the front of the boat were made of the wrong material so were not strong enough.

What made the titanic so famous?

when it sank on an Iceberg

How popular was the Titanic?

The titanic was a VERY popular ship. It cost an awful lot to get onboard, so that gives it away. After it sank, the other twin ships sank in other ways too. Strange or what?

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Which Film Has Made The Most Money Ever?

The highest grossing film of all time is Avatar. They made $1022314898. So Avatar has made further then Titanic. So the people that have died on the titanic boat RIP

What made Titanic so grand?

No expense was spared to make sure that Titanic would be the greatest ship in the world.

Who sings the popular Titanic song?

Celine Dion sings the popular Titanic song called My Heart Will Go On.

What were the rivets on the Titanic made out of?

The rivets in the titanic were made of iron.

When was the titanic ship made?

i think so 100 years ago

Who made the ship Titanic?

the white star line made the Titanic

How was the collision holes made in the Titanic?

They were made from the iceberg the Titanic hit

Was Titanic made from iron?

Yes. Titanic was made from iron and steel.

Was Titanic not underwater when they made the move?

The movie "Titanic" was made with a fake Titanic, as the real one was still underwater.

What films were popular in the 1900s?


How many crossings did the Titanic make?

The Titanic sunk on its maiden voyage, its first trip. So it never made a complete journey.

How come the Titanic was so popular before the crash?

It was the largest and most luxurious boat ever built.

What were the lifeboats made of on the titanic?

The lifeboats of Titanic were made of wood with metal oarlocks.

What made McDonald's so popular?

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Did the Titanic complete its maiden voyage?

The first voyage of the Titanic was in April 1912. It never made it. in the related links box below I posted the wikipedias article on the titanic so you can have the specifics.