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In the 1800's settlers moved west for many reasons. For instance gold was a big opportunity and so was cheap land for immigrants. This caused a race to the west and the main reasons settlers moved there.

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It was used by many settlers as they moved west.

The settlers moving west and taking over their land is what upset the Native Americans about the settlers moving west. The Native Americans had lived there and made their homes there, they did not want to have to change their way of life.

copper and gold The California Gold Rush brought many out West.

For the nails to use when they built their new cabins after their move.

The things that made settlers move to the west was gold.ANS 2 - I'm not American, but my view of history was that most settlers moved west to claim their own farmland in the new territories.

The construction of railroads in the West enabled faster and less expensive travel to settlers.

Read your Text book. its there for a reason lazy people these days

Because the European settlers shot and killed them telling them to move or die (in the simplest of terms).

The Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi river ,:L<":< ;Lemuel's

There was free land, and a chance to start over.

People migrated west to California in the early 1800s because there was tons of gold in California so pretty much it was mainly the miners who migrated (moved) west to get as much gold as they can. I know this because we very recently learned about in history class at school.

This Picture show that the population of th eWest grew in the 1800s is made by the land..

Many former slaves moved west in the 1800s. Northerner's feared freed slaves would take their jobs. They did not want to stay in the hostile South.

Settlers thought and overheard that there was gold over on the west

The westerners took the Oregon trail when moving west. When they reached the west they settled down and made environments.

The Proclamation of 1763 was made so no settlers could settle west of the Appalachian Mountains

Settlers stopped moving west because they no longer could. Settlers stopped moving west when they ran out of land to move onto.

The settlers made the Native Americans move farther out west and kept on moving them until the government made special reservations for the N.A to stay at

Settlers headed west because of the beaver fur and the fertile soil.

the settlers made the native americans move west and kept on doing that until the governer made a place for the native americans to stay at

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