What made things fall apart in Things Fall Apart?

There are many things that fall apart in Things Fall Apart, so they should be taken one at a time.

Ikemefuna's life:

- Murder of Umuofian Ogbuefi Udo's wife by a Mbanta man in the Mbanta market: Although Ikemefuna was not responsible, he became part of the peace offering toward Umuofia, and was displaced from his home.

- Declaration of death by the Oracle of Agbala: Even though Ikemefuna had adapted miraculously to his new home, as soon as the Oracle decreed Ikemefuna must die, his life ended.

Okonkwo's ambition:

- Okonkwo's fear: Okonkwo's fear of being like his father, an agbala, caused him many problems including a fierce manliness, a lack of temper, emotion, and reasonability.

- Okonkwo's lack of temper: Okonkwo's beating of his wife during the festival of Ani, causes him much disrepute among his neighbours.

- Okonkwo's lack of emotion: Okonkwo's apparent lack of remorse for disturbing the festival of Ani, causes him more disrepute among his neighbours who take him to be callous and not humble towards the gods.

-The accident killing Ekeudu's son. This accident causes Okonkwo to be exiled for 7 years.

-The arrival of the colonists.

-The conversion of Nwoye.

-The killing of the messenger.

-Okonkwo's death.

Okonkwo's family unity:

- Okonkwo's need for manliness. It also causes him to beat his children excessively in a vain attempt to get them to work harder. It distances himself from Nwoye. His fear of being perceived weak causes him to kill Ikemefuna.

- The death of Ikemefuna.

- Okonkwo's lack of emotion: This causes Nwoye to distance himself from his father and the tribe.

- Nwoye's conversion to Christianity.

Ibo culture:

-Christianity: The church disproved many of the Ibo superstitions, and implicitly encouraged the Ibo to break traditions.

-Settlers: The settlers killed the village of Abame, and attempted to convert the rest, while imposing their power upon the lands.

-The Ibo tribe: Their lack of a central structure made them easy to separate and convert or conquer. They could not offer a consolidated defense against the invaders and their customs. Their own culture was occasionally repressive, and caused rifts between the people and the society.

-Their own culture: Their own culture prevented them from stopping their brothers who had joined the white man's ranks.

-Soldiers: The soldiers prevented the Ibo from forcefully removing the white men.

-The converts: The converts would bring white reinforcements in event of any revolution.