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What main advanatge do computers provide?

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If you mean by a "general advantage", then they provide lots of advantages. Such as banking, (social) networking, research, paying bills, organizing files, preserving old documents, gaming, etc...

2010-07-28 02:30:54
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Disadvantage of computers?

The main disadvantage of computers is that they only solve problems based on pre-programmed instructions. They can not provide human-like reasoning.

The computers main input device?

The computers main input device is the keyboard

Portable storage mediums are meant to be used primarilynwith portable laptop computers?

They're meant to be used with all kinds of computers. It's main function is to provide additional storage.

The main benefits of computers are their ability to?

Give and receive information

What are the four main classifications of computers?

There are four main classifications of computers: main-frame, minicomputer, microcomputer, and handheld.

Computers in argiculture?

Computers are very versatile. For example in agriculture... you can have a remote tester for grain humidity or any other tester that can send the information by air to a main computer and provide you statistics, procedures and so on....

What are the advantages of plastic container?

the advanatge of the plastic container is to resical them so that they can re use them.

What are seven categories of computers?

the 7 categories of computers are: personal computers, mobile computers, game consoles, servers, main frames, super computers, and embedded computers!

What are the seven major categories of computers?

Personal Computers Mobile Computers Gaming Computers Game Consoles Servers Main Frames Super Computers Embedded Computers.

What is California's main industry?


Is copper the main metal in computers?


What are the seven categories of computer?

the 7 categories of computers are: personal computers, mobile computers, game consoles, servers, main frames, super computers, and embedded computers!

Why do some schools provide their students with computers?

to learn on

What type of limitations did the first home computers have?

The main limitation the first home computers had was the same as the first mainframe computers had: not enough main memory (RAM) and not enough external storage.

What are the seven categories of computers?

Based on the size and use, computers can be categorized into seven types. They are embedded computers, super computers, main frame computers, servers, game consoles, mobile computers and personal computers.

What is Host in Computer?

Host in computers refers to the main computer which serves as the main control of the network. Other computers and devices are connected to such a computer.

What is the main computer that connects the other computers?

There is no single "main computer" that connects all computers on the internet, however what you are referring to is a called a server.

What are two main softwares you find in computers?

The two main softwares of computers are as follows: 1.System software 2.Application software

Where are the main computers are for the internet?

The internet is not supplied by a set of main computers. The internet itself is the connection between millions of WANs around the globe.

What are the main characteristics of minicomputers?

Mini computers are large.They are expensive.They are powerful but not as much as main frame computers.They are used for scientific purposes.Number of users are less than of the main frames.

What are the main lines for Dell laptop computers?

The main lines for Dell laptop computers include Inspiron, Latitude, Vostro, and Dell Precision Mobile Workstation. These laptop computers can be customized to the consumers needs.

What are disadvantages of mainframe computers?

because its main

What is the main circuit board in the computers?


What are the uses of computers in school?

They are used to provide internet for the learning experience with computers. It is also used to help with reports.

What are the main imports of the UK?

French fries, athletes, and computers are the main ones.