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buy a new engine

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Q: What maintenance should be done to a Geo with 150K to keep it running?
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What is PC maintanance?

If a PC is running slowly or not running at all, PC maintenance will be done to bring it up to speed

Should the 30000 mile maintenance be done for a Honda Pilot?

You should follow your maintenance reminder or maintenance schedule in your manual. So it depends.

What is the most important reason for a company to ensure that computer preventive maintenance is done?

The most important reason that a company should provide steps toward computer preventative maintenance is that this will help stop any future problems. By regularly running virus checks and making sure the computers have enough memory, the computers can continue running smoothly.

What non routine maintenance may be needed and how to identify when it is necessary?

non routine maintenance may be needed if you see your system is running slow like a virus scan or if you can tell if something is wrong, then defrag. Non routine maintenance isn't scheduled unline routined maintenance which is done on a regular basis

What is a routine maintenance?

Routine maintenance is maintenance done on a rather regular basis. For instance, changing oil in a car, changing furnace filters, running an antivirus program on a computer, and defragmenting a hard drive are all examples of routine maintenance. The goal of routine maintenance is to prevent serious problems by correcting minor conditions that happen regularly.

What you want to do in the coming months in maintenance?

Generally there is a maintenance schedule with what is to be done, when to be done, who to do in any good standard industry. Maintenance crew generally follow the schedule.

How many miles does a 96 firebird run before needing to have work done on the engine?

as long as you follow maintenance schedule and car is running without issues it may never need any engine work. if you have issues with it you should probably have it checked out.

On the 27th of February howrse is on maintenance for how long?

normally about 6 hours, but that maintenance is done

Place for aircraft service and maintenance?

Aircraft service and maintenance is done in a Hangar. It is the resting place for a plane. It can also be done in an open field.

What type of maintenance should be done on a 2002 ford escort after 50000 miles?

scarap the car buy a new one

What does the maintenance light mean on an Acura MDX?

Means the vehicle needs an oil change or other maintenance. Newer models also show a code like "B16" which will indicate what maintenance is needed. There are instructions in the manual on how to clear the light. However, you should do the maintenance yourself or have it done at a shop as soon as you can.

When will be done with maintenance?

then they feel like it

Does a sump pump need regular maintenance?

The most important maintenance of a sump pump is to remove any dirt, particles, or debris that collects within the pump. This should be done regularly to prevent problems.

What do you need to do when the maintenance light comes on?

The maintenance required light just means there is regular scheduled maintenance that needs to be done. Look in your owner's manual and it will tell you exactly what needs to be done. Can be just an Oil/Filter change. This applies to the Maintenance Required light and not to the Check Engine light.

How often should you have maintenance done on a fireplace that gets used 3 or 4 times a year?

How often should I have a fireplace maintenance service come in? I burn a fire in my fireplace 3-4 times a year, usually through the holidays, so it doesn't get used much.

Is barefoot running good for your back?

No, bare foot running should never be done. It is very damaging for your feet, ankles, knees, hips, lower and upper back. If you are running, or partaking in any kind of excersize you should always make sure you are wearing adequate footwear.

When to service your car to keep it reliable?

I found that you should start maintenance at 15,000 miles. The website has a detailed list of what needs to be checked/changed and at what mileage it should be done at.

What type of repairs are general maintenance on a car and at what mileage would you have this maintenance done?

every 3,000 miles or so for oil beyond that a schedule tune up should take car of everthing depending on your car the mechanic will advise on the frequency

What fluids or maintenance should be done when bringing a car out of storage?

change oil and drive easy on it and check and fill tranny, power steering and coolant if needed

How do you maintain a circuit breaker?

About the only maintenance you can do for a circuit breaker is to "exercise" it, that is turn it OFF, then back ON several times slowly. This should be done about once a year.

What is the recommended first step in performing printer maintenance?

The first step done when performing maintenance on a printer is to turn it off and unplug it.

When does Howrse finish being under maintenance but you live in Cornwall?

It should be done now. The howrse team has not informed anyone that they are doing work on any region at present.

Is painting part of common area maintenance?

Yes, painting is part of common area maintenance. This is done in cases of people moving out of apartments and such.

The development and maintenance of webpages?

The development and maintenance of web pages is done by the developers. They take care how the web pages are behaving.

Where aircraft is parked for maintenance?

For major maintenance on planes that will move, you park the plane in a hangar. But if you're doing something fairly minor or the plane is unable to move (you went to the airport to fly your plane and found a flat tire), maintenance can be done when the plane's parked anywhere. A lot of maintenance is done to airliners when they're sitting at the gate between flights.