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buy a new engine

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Q: What maintenance should be done to a Geo with 150K to keep it running?
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What is an Equipment Maintenance Worksheet?

An Equiptment Maintenance worksheet is a log to keep track of your equiptment. It is used to show when preventitive maintenance is done and needs done to keep equiptment running smooth

What is PC maintanance?

If a PC is running slowly or not running at all, PC maintenance will be done to bring it up to speed

Should the 30000 mile maintenance be done for a Honda Pilot?

You should follow your maintenance reminder or maintenance schedule in your manual. So it depends.

How much time do saltwater aquariums require in terms of maintenance?

Depending on the size of the tank you have, a saltwater aquarium, once running can take a weekly maintenance. Once the environment has had time to settle and create everything it needs, maintenance should be done every 2 weeks.

What is the most important reason for a company to ensure that computer preventive maintenance is done?

The most important reason that a company should provide steps toward computer preventative maintenance is that this will help stop any future problems. By regularly running virus checks and making sure the computers have enough memory, the computers can continue running smoothly.

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Retighten or replace the bolts

What non routine maintenance may be needed and how to identify when it is necessary?

non routine maintenance may be needed if you see your system is running slow like a virus scan or if you can tell if something is wrong, then defrag. Non routine maintenance isn't scheduled unline routined maintenance which is done on a regular basis

What you want to do in the coming months in maintenance?

Generally there is a maintenance schedule with what is to be done, when to be done, who to do in any good standard industry. Maintenance crew generally follow the schedule.

What is a routine maintenance?

Routine maintenance is maintenance done on a rather regular basis. For instance, changing oil in a car, changing furnace filters, running an antivirus program on a computer, and defragmenting a hard drive are all examples of routine maintenance. The goal of routine maintenance is to prevent serious problems by correcting minor conditions that happen regularly.

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