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Not many. The French caved pretty quickly, once the Germans got past the Maginot Line by going through Belgium and through the Ardennes Forest. Answer: Invasion of Normandy? In 1944, the single largest invasion in military history ever before and ever since. How about the air battles over France? What of the guerrilla warfare by the French Resistance? And you can't forget the Bulge in the winter of '44-'45.

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Q: What major battles happened in France during World War 2?
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What battles was France involved in during world war 2?

They were in the Battle of France in which they fought the Germans and France lost

Where were most of the battles fought during world war 1?


Who survived the most battles during world war 1?


How many battles did France fight in during World War I?

I know for a fact that France won the Battle of Verdun

What was the river in northern France that was the scene of several battles during World War 1?

The Marne

What happened during world war 1-?

During World War I most of the major battles were fought in Europe. It was a victory for Allied forces.

How many battles were fought in Normandy France during World War 2?

There were about ten different battles fought in Normandy during World War 2. No-one can be precise because some of the battles known under one name were actually several different battles so the number is imprecise.

In what country were most of the battles during World War 1 fought?

France & Belgiun , the Western Front.

What was the town in northeastern France on the Meuse River where several battles occured during world war 1?


During world war 1 what country was the sitte of many extensive and very deadly trench warfare battles?


What is the town in northeastern France on the Meuse River that was a scene of several battles during World War 1?

AnswerIt is Verdun.

Where were the critical World War 1 battles at?

mostly france

Battles that happened in the 1960s?

The Vietnam War was the only major shooting war going on between the communist world and the free world during the 1960's.

What 3 major events happened to France?

well during ww2 world war 2 the germens stormed Normandy beach in France

What famous battles happened in world war 2 and when did they happen?


Why were there no battles on the mainland of the us during World War 2?

their were no battles within the mainland.

What Events happened in US in world war 2?

If you're asking about any battles that happened in US, the only time the US mainland was attacked or bombed during WW2 is Pearl Harbor.

One of the battles in northern France that Americans participated in?

One of the major battles in Northern France in which America participated was the Normandy Invasion in 1944. It was the largest amphibious assault in the history of the world.

What battles happened in the Philippines in World War 2?

There was a number of battles in the area of the Phillippines,on land and sea,from 1941 to 1945.

What happened at ypres in the world war 1?

Ypres, Belgium was the scene of three major battles during World War I. The town was nearly destroyed three times from 1914 to 1917.

When did the western front happen?

The Western Front Happened In France, Belgium. During World War One.(1914-1918)

What countries did World War 1 battles occur?

it occurd in Germany, France and Britan it occurd in Germany, France and Britan

What main battles were fought in France?

i world war two meella and timbakto fought with jamaka and france with the british in ww2

Why did France suffer the most during World War 1?

The did not Germany did. Germany suffered the most AFTER the war. France suffered the most DURING the fighting because all of the battles on the Western Front were in France aside from a small minority in Belgium. But, to be fair. Russia suffered as much as France for the same reason, only it was on Eastern Front.

Who invaded France during World War 2 II?

Germany invaded France during World War II.