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Q: What major events happened in Ella Fitzgerald's life?
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What was ella Fitzgeralds achievements?

to become a singer

What did Ella Fitzgeralds mother die from?

Ella's mother died in a car accident.

What was ella fitzgeralds favorite food?

== Ella Fitzgerald favorite food was Pizza (== ==

How did ella Fitzgeralds mother die?

In a car accident

What were Ella Fitzgeralds parents named?

Her parents were Temperance and William Fitzgerald.

What were all of Ella Fitzgeralds kids names?

Ray Brown Jr.

Who are ella Fitzgeralds parents?

William and Temperance (also known as Tempie) Fitzgerald

What is ella fitzgeralds favorite things?

Her biography doesn't tell us that information.

Who was Ella Fitzgeralds husband?

first she was married to Ben Kornegay then she was married to Raymond Brown jr.

What is ella Fitzgeralds dads name?

his name was ray chales james brown and bb king

Family lifetime of ella fiztgerald?

Ella Fitzgeralds early years were hard years as she came from a black family, that had many children it was a tough life for many blacks those years. She grew up in the city of Newport.

What was ella Fitzgeralds mothers name her mothers name was Jennifer Fitzgerald? says 'Her parents, William Fitzgerald and Temperance Williams Fitzgerald ...' The answer is right there in Wikipedia too!

Does Iggy like Ella in Maximum Ride?

yes, Iggy has a major crush on Ella

What important events happend to Ella Fitzgerald?

shook hands with the president

Who is ella fitzgeralds first music teacher?

Her role model was Connee Boswell and tried to follow in her footsteps in becoming a professional singer. After she became a professional singer she considered Connee as her, " First singing teacher."

Was ella Fitzgerald a baseball fan?

Yes Ella was a major baseball fan she loved going for the Bronx bombers

What happened to ella Fitzgerald?

Died from Diabetes 15th June 1996

Where can you find the music from Ella Enchanted that the giants are dancing to when Ella arrives at the wedding?

Sona Sona-Song-MAJOR SAAB

What is the difference between Louis Armstrongs music Ella Fitzgeralds music and George and Ira Gershwins music?

well technically there is no actual difference it like all in the mind just feel the music man and you will find yourself

What was some events ella-Fitzgerald was in?

Ametuer night at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York

What things happened to make Ella Fitzgerald become famous?

i do not know any thing

Who were the famous singers from the 1920's?

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong were two major influences on jazz and blues in the 1920's. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong were two major influences on jazz and blues in the 1920's.

What does the female name Ella mean?

ella ella under my umbrella

Why did Ella's father want Ella to marry?

Her mums called Ella

What nicknames does Ella Edmondson go by?

Ella Edmondson goes by Ella.