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pickles rule

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Q: What major events happened in the Soviet Union during 1944?
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What major events happened during Ronald Regan's presedency?

He brought down the Soviet Union

What events happened that lead to Soviet Union's downfall?

The downfall of the Soviet Union and the founding of the Commonwealth of Independent States were caused by the resignation of Gorbachev and after 74 year the Soviet Union dissolved.

What happened during the rule of the Soviet Union?

This question is too broad, the Soviet Union spanned for almost 70 years. I will be happy to answer a more specific question.

What specific events did the soviet union do during World War 2?

the y surronded hitler

What events worsened relations between the United States and the Soviet Union?

Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan

What events happened in 1991?

The Soviet Union fell, the Gulf War ended, and the World Wide Web was invented.

What happened in the Soviet Union in 1991?

The Soviet Union dissolved and lost all its territory.

What series of events led to the Soviet Union joining the Allies during World War ll?

the came

What happened when the Soviet Union when it was found?

notthing happened

What were the differences in ideology and the events that increased tensions between the US and Soviet Union?

Soviet Union was communist.

What happened to Latvia in World war 2?

Latvia was invaded first by the Soviet Union, but was then invaded by Germany during Operation Barbarossa. The Soviet Union later retook Latvia.

What happened to the Soviet Union in the 1990's?

The Soviet Union became Russia again.

During World War 2 was it russia or Soviet Union?

it was the the soviet union

What belief did the Soviet Union have during World War 2?

Soviet Union

What happened to the relationship with the soviet union during World War 2?

It was uneasy and then caused the Cold War.

What happened to the Soviet Union in 1991?

15 republics declared independence and Soviet Union no longer existed.

Who was the leader of the soviet union?

The leader of the Soviet Union during WW2 was Joseph Stalin.

How did Soviet Union get fruits and vegetables during communism?

the soviet union doesn't exsist

What happened during the Cuban crisis?

The soviet union placed missiles in Cuba and the U.S. placed a blockade of Cuba

What happened with economies during the year of 1991?

The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union ended.

Leader of the soviet union during the war?

The leader of the Soviet Union was Joseph Stalin. He lead the Soviet Union from 1922 until he died in 1953.

Ruthless leader of the Soviet Union during ww2?

Joseph Stalin ruled the Soviet Union during World War II.

Did the US invade Soviet Union during World War 1?

not that i know of. but Hitler did invaid the soviet union during WWII

What happened to religion in the Soviet Union?

nothing you retard

What were the major events during the soviet union?

leading power with the united states -nucleur weapons -communism -satelites -puppet governments