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What major factors played a role in the napoleonic empire decline?


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January 21, 2008 12:51AM

Wagram & Aspern-Essling mark the ending, at least the beginning of the ending, of Napoleons Military supremacy. As wih the forces of many Empires he relies on Allies to supply men with which to fight his battles, notably in this case Bavarians, Saxons, Wurttembergers, Poles & so on. Once he stops winning these friends no longer wish to support him & fade away or change sides. And then there was, of course, the Spanish Ulcer.......... Napoleons Military 'Blitzkreig' was in Italy, against the Austrians & Prussians in 1805 & 06, simply overwhelming, but the Redcoats in Spain were unimpressed, by and large, by the crude column attack & sent it reeling at Busaco & elsewhere. Yes, I know l'Emporeur wasn't there, & had he been at, say, Fuentes d'Onoro things would have been different, but by 1809 Napoleons days of conquest are, for the most part, behind him. But then, as Commanders go he still ranks with the best history has to offer. Vive l'Emporeur !!