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While just about anything in the business or marketing fields will do a double major or minor in Psychology would put you ahead of the pack

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According to AXA Insurance website why should experienced careful drivers choose AXA car insurance?

There are many reasons why the experienced and careful drivers should choose AXA car insurance. According to the AXA Insurance website, experienced and careful drivers should choose AXA car insurance to get a 90% claims discount.

What classes to I have to take in order to become an insurance agent?

To become an insurance agent you should get a degree in Business or Economics. You should also familiarize yourself with the insurance field.

What attitude do you think a salesman should have to be successful?

A salesman should always have an enthusiastic attitude.

What options should you choose in year nine if you want to become a fashion designer?

To become an fashion designer you need to choose textiles.

Should I get life insurance through Aflac?

You can choose to go through Aflac if you want to, they have great policies. You can also get a few quotes from other popular insurance companies and choose the cheapest.

How should I plan to become an insurance agent?

To become an insurance agent, most companies require an agent to have a college education. You will also have to be licensed with your state. You can read more at

When should one cancel term insurance?

One should cancel term life insurance when it is no longer needed, or the premiums required become unaffordable

Does mbf offer insurance for families?

MBF does offer insurance for families. MBF offers many options for individuals and families to choose from. People should pick the right insurance for them.

On Amica's website, where is the home insurance quotes?

The Amica website does have home insurance quotes. Under the "products" tab you should find four options: auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance and coverage by state. The second option, home insurance, is what you are looking for. Choose "home insurance" and on the left toolbar it should say "get a quote" and then select your state and insurance type.

Should you keep life insurance on your ex-wife if you are divorcd?

If you still have financial obligations together or rely on her for any kind of financial payments you should. It is not wrong to maintain the insurance on her if you choose.

How can one have selling insurance in the UK?

You can sell insurance by applying to become a member of an insurance company. You should contact a dedicated agent to learn more about this interesting job.

What kind of life insurance should you get?

When deciding what type of life insurance to get, someone can choose between term and whole life insurance. Term insurance pays out when a person dies and whole life can be cashed in if you need the money early.

Working As An Insurance Salesman?

If you are wondering about becoming an Insurance Salesman, it is definitely a good business to get into. People need insurance of all types, and being a salesman can be very lucrative. Salaries for Insurance Salesman often include commission bonuses based on the number of sales you have. The key to being a successful Insurance Salesman is to be honest, knowledgeable, and appear professional.Honesty Is ImportantIf you are honest with your clients about products, then they will be more likely to buy insurance from you. Misleading potential clients about the cost of certain insurance products, such as life insurance, will only hurt your business with them. In the insurance business, many people will buy all their products from one agent to make the process easier for them. If you are dishonest, you will loose all their potential business, as well as anyone else who the clients will talk to. That is why you need to make sure you are offering detailed information about what a policy covers and how much those policies will cost a person.Know Your InsuranceAs an Insurance Salesman, you will be responsible for selling all types of insurance. This can include auto policies, health insurance, life or whole life insurance, and even home or flood protection. You will have to know what each policy covers and all the details of these policies. Your clients will likely have many questions about the products that they are considering purchasing. For instance, if you are selling health insurance, your client will want to know about deductibles, co-pays, and other out of pocket costs. If you are unsure about any part of a policy, it would be better for you to ask a co-worker or supervisor for clarification and answer all questions a client has as soon as possible.Look and Act ProfessionalAs an Insurance Salesman, you will need to appear professional. This includes dressing nicely in a suit or a dress. Also, you should act professionally while around clients and in the office. People are more likely to trust a knowledgeable professional than someone who does not appear to know what they are talking about.

What are some tips on Compare Motorcycle Insurance?

Some tips on Compare Motorcycle Insurance come in three steps: step one start one's quote, then one should collect different insurance providers to compare, and finally one should choose the best insurance which suits one's needs.

Should everybody become vegetarian?

It is always up to each person's own individual choice, and they should be allowed to choose whether they wish to become vegetarain or not.

Does Menards have liability insurance for customers in their stores?

Any kind of store should have insurance for customers that become injured on their premisis. If they don't have insurance, I would let them know that you will be speaking with an attorney.

If I have private insurance should I also have medicare?

In general, private insurance companies require their clients to sign up for Medicare as soon as they become eligible.

What is short term disability Insurance?

Short Term Disability Insurance replaces a portion of your income should you become sick or injured and unable to work.

Do you need car insurance if you rent a truck?

You do not need car insurance if you rent a truck but, you should have some sort of insurance. If you get hit or cause any damage you will be liable to pay money. There are many rental truck insurance options. If you go with Budget there is a variety of insurance options to choose from.

How do I compare extended car warranty insurance?

Before you buy insurance, you should compare it. When you are ready to choose, you can go to any online sites, and you can compare the price you will pay before buying.

Why a salesman should be educated?

to shell the items easily

What is the Difference between disability insurance and disability income insurance?

Disability insurance by definition is a policy that replaces a portion of your income should you become unable to work due to illness or injury. The two are the same.

Where can I find information on medical insurance policies?

I would suggest talking with your primary doctors an asking which insurance carriers they accept and if they feel with your medical history you should choose one over another.

What insurances are needed for business consultancies?

Business consultancies should have insurance that protects their premises. If they have employees they are required by law in the UK to have employers liability insurance. Additionally they may choose to purchase business interruption and professional indemnity insurance too

What types of insurance should an individual purchase?

The types of insurance that an individual should buy is home insurance, car insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, health insurance and liability insurance.