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Our major sports are Cricket and Football.

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What is the national game of Guyana?

The main sport of Guyana is cricket.

What is the major sport found in sweden?


What is the national sport of Guyana?


What are the major crops grown in Guyana?

Sugar and rice are the major crops of Guyana.

Where is bauxite found in Guyana?

Linden, Guyana

What are the three major cities in Guyana?

The 3 major cities in Guyana are Georgetown which is the capital of Guyana. The 2nd most popular city in Guyana is Carbien and the 3rd most popular is Ville.

Major landforms in Guyana?

There are a variety of major landforms in Guyana. These include mountain ranges, cliffs, waterfalls, as well as five major rivers.

What are some animals found in Guyana that begin with the letter N?

Noctilio albiventris (lesser bulldog bat) are found in Guyana. Noctilio leporinus (greater bulldog bat) also are found in Guyana.

Where is Guyana found?

Guyana is found in south america in the southern hemisphere next ro suriname,brazil n Venezuela

What type of games in Guyana do they play that are not sport related?

call of duty?

Where in the Caribbean is silver found?


What are major landforms of Guyana?

Major landforms in Guyana include mountain ranges including the Acarai, Kanuku, and Pakaraima. There are also waterfalls, rivers, and cliffs.

Where is the highland region that is found on the map of Guyana?

The highland region that is found on the map of Guyana takes over most of the middle of Guyana from top to bottom. The highland region is 65 percent of the country.

Where can bauxite be found?

Bauxite can be found in Guyana, Jamaica and Suriname.

Is rare black sand found in Guyana?

No, Guyana has a white sand belt, but no black sand.

What hemesphere is Guyana found in?

The Southern Hemisphere.

What continent Guyana is found?

South America.

What is the major threat to the forest in Guyana?

Since the 1990s the Guyana government has made the wood processing industry a priority.

What animals are commonly found in Guyana?

There are a variety of animals found in Guyana. Some of these include the toucan, ocelot, the little spotted cat, and the bush dog.

What are the major physical features of Guyana?

The major physical features of Guyana are the low-lying coastal area, the white sand belt, the savannah areas and the mountainous region.

What are some of the physical features of the country Guyana?

A major physical feature in Guyana is Kaieteur Falls, a fact about Guyana is that because of its physical feature like waterfalls and oceans Guyana is called "The Land of Many Waters."

Why is Hinduism one of the major religions in Guyana?

Christianity and Hinduism are the dominant religions in Guyana. 57 percent of the population is Christian

Where is manganese found in the Caribbean?

it can be found in cuba,guyana,jamaica,and a little in grenada

Where is Alesi rice company found in Guyana?


What are the continents on which Guyana and Suriname are found?

South America

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