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White Smoke = Coolant in the combustion chamber, normally caused by a blown head gasket or cracked head. Black Smoke = Overly rich fuel/air mixture. Blue Smoke = Engine burning oil.

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Does the transmission make smoke come out of the tailpipe?

No, the engine exhaust is what comes out of the tailpipe.

How can you make black smoke come out of your tailpipe?

Need to know why this is necessary.

What make a crown Victoria smoke white smoke?

Most common cause is a head gasket leak. This allows coolant to get into the combustion chamber resulting in the cloud of white smoke out the tailpipe.

How do make a diesel blow black smoke?

you can use chips, power mods, and smoke switches.

Will bad spark plugs make a car smoke out the tailpipe?

No it shouldnt, it will however make it harder for the car to start... typically, black smoke from the tail pipe means you have an oil leak somewhere

How do you make smoke rings?

you make the shape of your mouth like an o and blow out lightly snapping your jaws while coughing lightly in your neck and pushing out the smoke with your tongue chronologically in other word blow one first then wait for the smoke to settle and then blow again. By the way i am 14 :) By IxoraProductions!

Can stage 2 injectors make you blow black smoke?

Get a life. black smoke means unburnt fuel

What are the signs and symptoms of burnt valve in 1993 Lexus sc300?

if you have a burnt valve the cars tailpipe will make a pop,pop,pop,pop,noise,and if you place your hand on the tailpipe it will try to suck your hand in.CHECK your plug wires,caps and rotor buttons first.

What causes white smoke to come out of tailpipe?

The white smoke coming out of a tailpipe is called steam. It is caused by water leaking into a cylinder. It can be caused from a blown head gasket letting water from your cooling system leak into a cylinder. When the gasoline and air burn, it makes the water in the cylinder turn to steam. The steam goes out your tailpipe with your exhaust gases. If you do not keep your radiator full, you will blow your engine. If you do not get it fixed, It will ruin your lubrication system and ruin your engine. Hopefully, you are in a position to make car payments. Can also be moisture trapped in the exhaust system if you make too many short trips and never get the entire system up to temperature. Blueish colored smoke would be buring oil, caused by failed seals or rings. Black or brown smoke is gasoline. caused by too rich a mixture.

What would make smoke come inside from the passengers front side and out of the tailpipe?

You have an Exhaust leak, you need to get this fixed immediately. Carbon Monoxide can KILL.

How do you stop black smoke from coming out your tailpipe?

neat time you fill your car with fuel make sure you buy some injector cleaners this will help the problem.

How do i mak my 92 ford diesel blow black smoke?

to make a diesel blow black smoke is usually done by turning up the fuel pump.all this accomplishes is to much fuel and the black smoke created is mostly un burnt fuel that is being wasted

How do you make a 96 f350 blow black smoke?

Poor a pint of oil in the gas tank that will get her smokin! :)

What causes your 1991 Cadillac Brougham to blow smoke from the tailpipe?

First you must determine color of smoke . blue is an oil burning exhaust. Black smoke is a rich too much fuel exhaust. Cloud like steam is water or coolant burning. Some exhaust smoke in colder temps is normal. Good luck

Why did Toyota make Lexus?

toyota make lexus because lexus have more functions

IIf someone stuffed something in tailpipe will it make the tailpipe glow red?

It will not become red uless heated

How do you make your 2002 dodge 2500 blow black smoke?

You need a programmer to change the software in the engine computer.

How do you make a 2005 dodge 2500 cummins blow black smoke?

buy a chip or programmer. straight pipe your exhaust.

How do you make a 1997 7.3 powerstroke blow smoke?

Buy a "bully dog" chip that plugs into computer/ fuse box

Can you smoke weed and blow the hit out of your penis?

Yes you can. It takes some practice but you have to swallow the smoke like you would if you were trying to burp, wait about 15 seconds and then do what you would if you were going to pee. It may feel like you're going to pee but trust me, you won't. A little puff of smoke should come out at first but when you get better you will able to make it blow smoke like a dragon.

How much Lexus charge to make a Lexus key?

The amount that a Lexus dealership charges to make an additional key for a Lexus car depends on the year and model of the car.

How much Lexus charge to make a Lexus key-?

The amount that Lexus charges to make a new Lexus car key varies by year and model of the car and by dealership.

How do you make a 2001 dodge Cummings 2500 blow out black smoke?

Put it in 4th gear, lots of throttle then dump the clutch

How does the navy blue angel jet make smoke trails?

In the current F18 model that the Blue Angels use, the nose cannon has been removed and replaced by an oil tank. The oil from this tanked is pumped along and dumped into the exhaust tailpipe to produce a white billowing smoke.

A tip on the tailpipe to make it louder?

it will make it pop if u rev it up in park

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