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because it helps find goods

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What makes Germany different from other countries?


How is India different from other countries?

India is different from other countries as it has a unique culture . Its traditions and its 21 different languages makes it unique and different!

Does France trade with other countries?

yes france does trade with other countries

What makes Italy different from other European countries?

the way they speak and act.

What culture trait makes Brazil different from other countries of south America?

brazil speaks portuguese and the other countries speak spanish

Does Czech republic make food for other countries?

in fact it dose it makes food for england, usa and france

What makes Argentina different from any other countries in south America?

spell differen

Interesting facts about France?

The French government makes the cinemas show french films ahead of films from other countries!

What makes the people in Ireland different from other countries?

Their friendliness, talkative nature and sense of humour.

What makes Italy different than other European countries?

it has clouds and grass and people live there.

What makes US advertising technique different from the other English speaking countries?

I think that they are more polite

What does France sell to other countries?

toys and other things

What makes India different from other country?

India is different from other countries because :- 1.In India all religions are accepted and are respected. 2.It has a unique culture . Its traditions and its 21 different languages makes it unique and different. 3.India is different than other countries because of our "UNITY IN DIVERSITY" ideology.It is till now the world's largest democracy and also the most secular nation in the world

Who do France trade with?

France trades with other European countries including Canada.

What countries other than France have the city Paris?

No countries have the city Paris in them

Were other countries allied with America?

Other countries that are allied with America include: England, France, and Canada.

What does france buy from other countries?

Japanese bonds.

What other countries were influenced by the American Revolution?


Where does France get its foods?

Like all other countries, France produces some of its foods and imports other foods.

What does France export to other countries?

France exports perfume,designer brands, plastics.

When was France colonized?

France never was the colony of another country - but it colonized other countries.

Where are McDonald's restaurants located?

McDonald's are located in 124 different countries and have 31,000 restaurants worldwide. it is located in many different countries such as:USAU.K.japansaudi Arabiayemenpakistanfranceand many other countries. thereforee it is very successful.

Do people in France eat pizza?

yes. in France pizza is served jus tlike in many other countries. it is a bit different that the traditional American pizza but it is still there and served at restaurants.

How are new laws made?

In the US they are taken to the senate then the president makes it a law or vetos it.Other countries have different methods.

What other country has the same region as Spain?

This question makes no sense, but if you mean what other countries are in the same region as Spain, then the answer would be France, Portugal, Andorra, and maybe Morocco and Italy

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