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Kevlar is poly para-phenyleneterephthalamide. That structure has a benzene ring that has a carbon chain on each opposite end ("Para") in a repeating fashion. So, it is like a strand of a rope.

The strands are held together tightly by hydrogen bonding between the amide (carbonyl (C=O) with an amine (NH) on one side) and by stacking interactions between the benzene rings and (a little bit) by dispersion forces.

So, since the strands hold on tightly to each other, it is chemically "tightly woven".

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How does Kevlar work?

Kevlar is a very dense polyamide. It has a high tensile strength, making it useful in several ways, such as bullet-proof vests.

How has Kevlar changed your lifestyle?

it makes you poop it makes you poop

Is kevlar an element?

Kevlar is not an element. It is a combination of elements, namely carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen. it is highly flammable. it makes up twaron, which is a substance used to make lacrosse sticks.

Who invented the kevlar vest?

Stefan Kevlar

Is Kevlar a conductor of electricity?

No, Kevlar is an insulator.

What is kevlar body armor made out of?


What is the ticker symbol for Kevlar?

what is the Kevlar stock symbol

What makes an object dense?

Its Density

What guns can shoot through Kevlar?

It depends on the rating of the Kevlar.

How hard is Kevlar?

kevlar 49 is harder than steel

When did Stephanie kwolek create kevlar?

She created kevlar in 1965

When was kevlar made?

1927 kevlar was invented by stephanie kwolec

Is Kevlar a synthetic polymer?

Yes, Kevlar is a synthetic material.

Which is better kevlar or ceramic field hockey stick?

Nobody makes ceramic hockey sticks (and I would wonder why if they did - ceramic is not the best thing to hit other stuff with), so kevlar/carbon fibre is the only answer.

What everyday things are made from kevlar?

Rarely everyday things are made from kevlar; I saw boots from kevlar but very expensive.

How was kevlar discovered?

Kevlar was discovered in 1965 by S. Kwolek and his group.

Is kevlar a hydrogen bond?

Yes, kevlar has hydrogen intermolecular bonds.

What makes air less dense?


Is salt water more dense then cold water?

Yes, the salt makes it more dense.

Does kevlar have a patent?

Yes it does Stephanie Kwolek the creater of Kevlar invented the fiber.

Who uses Kevlar?

Kevlar is used by people like the police and the army. Other people may use Kevlar to build strong and safe items.

Can you get wedding rings made from kevlar?

Yes. you can get at Kevlar tungsten wedding rings

What is a characteristic of fats that makes them energy dense?

fats are so energy dense due to their lack of water

What makes a raw egg more dense?

A raw egg is not more dense than a boiled egg.

Who invented the Kevlar bulletproof vest?

There are actually multiple people who warrant credit for the invention of the Kevlar bulletproof vest. The DuPont corporation developed Kevlar material. Richard Armellino marketed a Kevlar vest called the K-15 in 1975 and Richard Davis the first all Kevlar vest in 1976.

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