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Q: What makes Martinsburg WV so popular?
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What makes Minecraft so popular?

It's so popular that it's popular

What makes The Nightmare Before Christmas so popular?

It's so popular because it has a lesson and it makes you think.....

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It is not popular in the USA, as far as I know.

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they taste good?

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The Eiffel tower.

What makes the internet so popular today?


What has made the internet so popular?

Internet is so popular because all the things that has happened in world that makes it so popular in which is good or bad.

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The thing that makes Poland so popular is it's rich history.

What makes Eiffel tower so popular?

because of the lights!

What makes bad video games so popular?


What makes Microsoft unique?

Its all their perfect understanding of the market which makes them so popular and unique.

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a tune must be memorable.

What is the feature that makes Hotmail so popular?

It is fast and easy to use

In the book crash by Jerry Spinelli what does crash do at school that makes him so popular?

he is so cool

Can Virginia suspend the drivers license of a wv drivers license?

Yes they could contact the WV Driver license to do so.

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Spongebob is popular because of the unique flavor of humor associated with his cartoon show.

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No reason, just another terrible band that somehow got popular.

What makes Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban so popular?

the arch macks it unique and makes it a tourist atraction

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Its island of paradise, beaches and delicious food

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FOOTBALL is the most popular sport so i think it makes the most money

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Tourist attractions, sightseeing, cruises etc.

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The Walker Exhaust are most popular so must be the best.

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I would know because I do Gym. Gym is very popular because it makes you get strong and you get really flexible!!!!

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