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Socrates, who lived in Greece in the 5th century BC, was the first major philosopher in Western society. There were other philosophers before Socrates, but the significance and importance of his philosophic system were widely publicized in the ancient world, and had a vast impact on the foundations of Democratic society. One of the key concepts in the philosophical system that Socrates taught is the idea of knowing oneself in order to properly understand the world in which we live. While he may not have originated this concept, he was instrumental in making it a central pillar of Western thought.

THE CLASSICAL ANSWER Socrate 470BC-399 BC, he was great philosopher and founder western philosophy. he gave political thoughts and great contribution to ethics. he influenced the Plato & become his student and Aristotle were Plato's students. the life of Socrates we can drive from three contemporary sources,1:dialogue of Plato, and Xenophon (both student of Socrates) and plays of Aristophanes According to Xenophon's story, Socrates purposefully gave a defiant defense to the jury because "he believed he would be better off dead". Xenophon goes on to describe a defense by Socrates that explains the rigors of old age, and how Socrates would be glad to circumvent them by being sentenced to death. It is also understood that Socrates also wished to die because he "actually believed the right time had come for him to die". Xenophon and Plato agree that Socrates had an opportunity to escape, as his followers were able to bribe the prison guards. He chose to stay for several reasons: # He believed that such a flight would indicate a fear of death, which he believed no true philosopher has. # If he fled Athens he, his teaching would fare no better in Another Country, as he would continue questioning all he met and undoubtedly incur their displeasure. # Having knowingly agreed to live under the city's laws, he implicitly subjected himself to the possibility of being accused of crimes by its citizens and judged guilty by its jury. To do otherwise would have caused him to break his harming the state, an act contrary to Socratic principle. Socrates laid the foundation for modern science.

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Q: What makes Socrates famous?
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