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Check for fuel

Check for spark

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Q: What makes a 96 Plymouth breeze crank over but wont start?
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1997 Plymouth breeze randomly stalls and starts?

Start by checking the 1997 Plymouth Breeze for proper fuel pressure. Also check for any loose connections at the crank position sensor or the coil packs. Any of these could cause the stalling problem.

What if a 97 Plymouth breeze is leaking antifreeze and it will not start?

Blown head gasket.

1996 Plymouth breeze cam sensor will it cause the car to start and run until it gets warm and then stall and not start again until it cools off?

yes, that could be a cause. Along with fuel pump, crank sensor,....

Why does your 1998 Plymouth Breeze start missing out when you come to a stop?

Perhaps a vacuum leak

Why does my1996 Plymouth breeze turn over with the key but will not start?

Fuel? Spark? Compression?

My 98 Plymouth breeze won't start. Will make sound like it is going to crank but wont?

Check the engine ground before replacing parts. I have a 97 Plymouth Breeze that would not turn over, but the lights and radio worked. After replacing 4 parts (starter/solenoid, ignition switch, crank case sensor and safety switch), it turned out that the engine was not grounded properly. Once the ground was reattached correctly, car started.

Why wont my 97 Plymouth breeze start after running out of gas?

well you bloddy air head, because it needs gas to start!

Why wont a 97 Plymouth breeze start after running it outr of gas even after you've put gas back in?

There may be many reasons why a 97 Plymouth Breeze won't start after running it out of gas. Even after you've put gas back in, if the spark plugs are bad or the battery is dead, the car will not start.

Why does ignition fuse keep blowing while trying to start a 99 Plymouth breeze 2.4L?

You have a short in the wiring.

1996 Plymouth voyager 2 . 4 engine does not star if you disconnect the camshaft sensor it will start?

1997 Plymouth voyager will not start if i disconnect the camshaftsensor plug wire it wii try to crank

What makes a 1994 suzuki sidekick not start at all?

Does it crank?

What does a crank angle sensor do in a Plymouth grand voyager and can it stop your car from starting up?

It lets the computer know where the crank shaft is at all times, and yes it can cause a no start.

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