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low tranny fluid. transmission may need rebuild.


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If it is an automatic transmission, the speed of the engine (in rpm) is what makes the gears change. Accelerate too much and it will fly up through the gearbox when it is not supposed to. If it is a manual transmission, the gears shouldn't change without the clutch being depressed and you manually changing gear; at most, it will simply disengage and cease turning the wheels.

Very. Unless you're exceptionally skilled and have a donor vehicle available it makes more sense selling the one with an automatic and simply buy a car with the features that you want instead.

mot transmissions change gears on a variable of things,not always speed. It depends on the engines vacuum being pulled at a certain rpm or electronics that monitor the engine speed that tell the transmissions to change gears.

Physically, Manual Transmission has at least 5 gears including a reverse gear which is 'manually' changed by the driver during the course of the drive. Automatic Transmission however has a Park, neutral, drive 1 and 2, reverse. This is much easier to drive. They can be distinguished by the sound they make. A manual transmission hardly makes noise when gears are being changed. An automatic on the other hand, will make short bust of noises when gears are being changed. This is only valid for high powered cars. Also, if a manual car breaks down, it can be moved. automatic however, cannot be moved if it breaks down which is a big disadvantage.

Automatic: First sign, the fluid is brown (or black) and smells burnt. Also, car shudders on take off or takes a long time to change gears (slips alot). You might even loss reverse and/or first. Manual: Makes noise, hard to shift gears, won't go into gear. Note check oil level in manual tranny. Most people don't

The transmission computer is only found in automatic cars because it controls that which in a manual car the driver controls, the shifting. The transmission computer is what generally makes a car automatic because it changes gears automatically without any effort from the driver (except of course the gas & brake).

Auton makes automatic tv mounts and lifts.

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A clock ticks because of the gears moving.

A brake shows the car/bike down until it comes to a hult/stop. A gear changes the speed the engine works at depending on what type of road you are driving on and the speed limits. If you are asking about a bike then the gear's change the speed at which you pedal at, gear 7 on a bike makes you pedal slower but you have to push harder down on the pedals, however gear 1 on a bike makes you have to pedal faster and more genitally on the pedals, - both gears really work your muscles... so if you have a bike with gears up to 7 stay on 3 or 4! Gear box = what you use to change the gears on a car. Handle bar = what you use to change the gears on a bike.

It runs to the modulator valve from the intake manifold. Its what makes an automatic trany shift thru the gears. Low vacum = quick shifts and High vacum = long between shifts.

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A rapid fire mod is a mod that makes semi-automatic guns automatic

Bang or Boom NO it makes alot of bangs if automatic

Engine mounts could be loose or worn.

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I'm having trouble shifting gears on my new bike. It's a 2008 Honda VTX 1300 with only 86 miles. The trouble is that the front left peg and the gear-shift lever are almost the same height. And I can"t get the toe of my left foot under the lever comfortably. I have to angle my boot WAY up and it makes it very difficult to change gears. Can you help me please?

What do you mean by that question? There are a lot of things that change speed in a car. When more air and fuel enter the cylinders on a motor, it makes it speed up. When the motor speeds up, it makes the transmission spin faster, and when you shift gears it makes the driveshaft spin faster, along with the gears in the rearend, unless you have a front wheel drive car, then it makes the wheels spin faster. When the motor speeds up, the accessories driven by the belt or belts on the front of the motor spin faster. when the wheels spin faster, the car goes faster.

the only problem that you can repair yourself would be with the linkage. but if all other gears work except reverse then the problem is probably internal and should be inspected by a professional. it makes a big difference if the trans. is manual or automatic also.

Has no belt,, It has a timing chain and gears. Trust me here, Whatever problem that you are having that makes you ask this question. The problemWON'T BE THE CHAIN AND GEARS.

I just talked with a man today about my jeep liberty and i asked him why did the fan come on and why it makes the noise of changing gears and he said that if the gears don't change it just keeps running that means a sensor is out or malfuntioned on it hope this helps but i wasn't in there for that. I was there for a wheel sensor out again.

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