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Anything that irritates the gums can cause a cancre sore- for example if you get a shot from the dentist, it will turn into one where needle went through.

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Q: What makes a cancer sore appear in your mouth?
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What are some symptoms of mouth cancer?

Symptoms of mouth cancer include sore in the mouth that do not heal, white patches in the mouth, foul taste and bleeding from the mouth.

What are some common symptoms of mouth cancer?

Mouth cancer, or oral cancer as it is known medically, typically involves a growth or sore in the mouth area. In addition to the presence of these sores/growths, there frequently is bleeding in the mouth, difficulty chewing or swallowing, and possibly a chronic sore throat.

Sore White Spots in Mouth?

Fungal infection, pre-cancer, or cancer. See your doctor.

What is a cancore sore?

Hi Its canker sore not cancore sore. Well its a type of mouth ulcer and its main reason is acidity in stomach. Its white looking and cause pain in the area of mouth where it appear.

Can you get a sore throat from semen?

you can get something called cotton mouth which makes your mouth really dry and you dont happen to be gay do you ?

Does blister in the mouth count as a sign of mouth cancer?

A blister in your mouth that persists and does not heal may be a sign of oral cancer. Any sore that does not heal within 2 weeks warrants evaluation by a health care provider / dentist.

Can you get cold sore on the roof of your mouth?

You can't get a cold sore on the roof of your mouth.

What are some of the symptoms of oral cancer?

Some of the symptoms of oral cancer are sore lips and/or gum, numb feeling in parts of the mouth, swelling, white or red spots on the tounge and unexplainable pain in the mouth.

What is the Medical term meaning cold sores in the mouth?

A canker sore is the sore in the mouth.

Why do you have a sore spot on the back of your mouth To clarify the sore spot is not on the gums but in the back on the side of the mouth right by the joint. It is sore and a bit swollen?

The sore on your mouth might be as a result of a bacterial infection.

What are symptoms of mouth caner?

Typical symptoms of mouth cancer include bleeding of the gums for no apparent reason and bumps in or around the mouth. Other symptoms include sore throat and vocal changes.

What are the symptoms of cancer of the mouth and oral cavity?

A sore that does not heal within two weeks, unusual bleeding from the teeth or gums, a white or red patch in the mouth, a lump or thickening in the mouth, throat, or tongue.

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