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What makes a car backfire?

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bad ignition timing is correct. The timing gears may have slipped, and if the timing system uses a belt instead of a chain then the belt could have worn. The timing systen keeps the intake, exhaust and cyclinder pistons all in time so the engine will fire correctly. If the belt or chain slips even just a small amount, then the valves let gas in or out before or after the piston is at the point where the cylinder shout fire the spark plug. If the belt or chain slip far enough the engine will not fire at all.

Bad ignition timing or fuel getting to the exhaust.

2014-02-24 00:14:48
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Why does a car backfire and die?

A car can backfire and die if the spark plugs are bad. The car could also have a problem with the timing or the catalytic converter .

Why does a car turn off after a backfire?

it doesn't or it shouldent'

Why does your car backfire while decelerating?

Slowing down

If the car is puttering like a backfire and wont start what is wrong with the car?

catalytic converter?

Does a bad alternator make your car backfire?

No! A car backfires because unburned fuel is getting to the muffler. The heat of the exhause system causes the fuel to combust, thus a backfire. A bad alternator will just not charge your car battery.

Your car accelerator plate makes a popping noise when you press down on it?

If by "popping noise" you mean backfire, it could be crossed ignition wires, or some sort of misfire.

Why would a car backfire 1 time then sputter?

A sparkplug misfiring.

Why does a car backfire when you first start it?

Could be in need of a tune-up.

How 2 fix a car backfire?

Its either too much fuel coming from the carbeuator and causing it to backfire or it could be spark plugs wired wrong. try to be more specific on where backfire is coming from. either out of the carbeuator or the tailpipes.

Why does a lesabre limted backfire when you try to pass a car on highway?

bad compression

What causes backfire in a 1992 Honda civic?

Your car is running too rich.

What makes a carburetor backfire?

Several things could make a carburetor backfire. The engine could be out of time. the carburetor could have a stuck float, or the engine could have a stuck valve.

Would adding oil treatment to a car cause it to backfire?

Backfiring is a timing issue.

Why does your car hesitate and backfire between 35-50mph?

Possibly because its old!

Why does a 2000 Dodge Caravan backfire?

The main causes of backfire in any car are incorrect ignition timing, crossed sparkplug wires or worn timing belt (or chains and sprockets).

Why does your car backfire while driving it?

Backfire is an explosion produced by a running internal combustion engine that occurs in the intake or exhaust system rather than inside the combustion chamber,

Backfire when turned off?

It might be overfueled but it also might be just that when you turn the key off the motor runs on a bit and puts fuel into the hot exhaust and it ignites it and makes it backfire.

What causes a car to backfire from tailpipe?

while driving yur car reduces speed then pulls off with speed and backfires what can cause that

What makes a car backfire under heavy acceleraation in 1st gear?

spark plugs and or a good tune up have the timing checked on vehicle ould also check distributer points and distributor cap

What makes a scooter backfire like it has bad gas in it?

it would go slower and it might jerk

What makes your cj5 backfire when you try to crank it?

Engine is out of time or the plug wires are installed incorrectly.

Will it make car miss and backfire?

timing off, bad plug or wire. Stuck valve

Why does a car backfire?

A car backfires because unburned fuel is getting to the muffler. The heat of the exhause system causes the fuel to combust, thus a backfire. I have just been told that the rubber on my exhaust has split - could this be why the car would backfire? I have heard something about air getting into the exhaust could cause a backfire? back fire can be caused by different faults. first is to much fuel because of worn carburetter, or wrong adjusments on carburetter. choke sticking will cause backfire. timing be out of adjustment will cause backfire exhaust leak can cause backfire. bad spark plugs, or plug leads , distributer cap worn of cracked will cause backfire as for fuel in muffler, if it combusted in muffler , the muffler would split open it is not that. and i dont know of any rubber on an exhaust that would take the heat aexhaust manifold gaskets could be problem but if they were rubber they would melt \ is it good or bad to have backfire It can also be done with intentional modification, such as done in ''Keeping Up Appearances'' British sitcom. A fuel line and an oxidizer line are added to the muffler with a manual rubber bulb pump added to the line as the ''backfire button.'' At a point before entering the muffler, the lines have a pair of backflow valves to prevent the flame from racing into the mixture tanks. Squeezing the bulbs dispense a mixture of pure alcohol and an oxidizer into the muffler to create a reaction. For Onslow's car in the TV programme, copier toner was squirted in the tailpipe for a heavy soot effect on the backfire command. Having a car backfire can shake off any parts that aren't bolted completely, and can cause the engine to stall because the pressure of the backfire can temporarily disrupt the exhaust release from the engine. Besides, it would spook horses, cows, or anyone not used to loud noises. So having the car backfire down a Harlem road won't have the same effect, as a car backfiring down a rural city road.

What makes your 84 camaro v6 with a 28 motor backfire?

You may want to have the engine timing checked?

What makes a car backfire like a machine gun?

There are several reasons why your vehicle could be backfiring in this manner. It could be due to unburnt fuel pooling the exhaust or a faulty plug or an injector dumping too much fuel.