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the sylanoid

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Q: What makes a car get fire to the engine?
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What makes a fire engine a squad engine?

A squad is a combination of a fire engine and heavy rescue

What to do with a car engine fire?

put it out

What is a fire wall on a car?

it separates the engine-compartment from the passenger section of the car and slows a accidental engine fire from spreading in to the passenger compartment.

What makes the car move?

The engine and the force of the tires on the road makes the car go.

Miss-fire in car engine?


A car fire usually starts in the engine?


What is the meaning of Nm in a car engine?

It is the amount of torque a engine makes.

What makes a car get more speed?

The engine...

How do you make car in alchemy?

Cart and combustion engine makes car

Why does your spark in your car miss fire?

Your engine timing is off.

What does engine help in a car?

The engine supplies the rotational force that ultimately makes the car go down the road.

What makes a car engine run?

itlog mo

What makes a toy car go faster?

An engine;)

What makes a car run?

errmmm an engine.... and fuel

What part of a car makes it go faster?

the engine

What part of a car makes the most noise?


What makes a search engine different then a normal car engine?

For one thing the search engine is on the computer

What make the car move?

The engine and the force of the tires on the road makes the car go.

Why does your engine makes noise when the car is off?

because the engine is still processing the oil for about 20 seconds after you turn the car off

How does a powerful engine affect the performance of a car?

It makes it fly

What do you call someone who makes car engines?

An engine manufacturer.

What makes a car move?

The engine pushes the axis which turns the wheels forward, causing the car to move. So when the engine pushes the axis the car moves.

Why does a mouse trap car work?

Because it has an engine which makes it power up and it makes it go.

What does the engine do for a car?

it keeps it moving by petrol or diesel. its the only part that makes the car moving

What makes a Formula 1 car different from a normal car?

The powerful engine and the open wheels