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could be tires out of round,bent rim,out of balence wheel or wheel bearings. or it could be the u-joint is bad and it is off balancing your drive shaft

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Q: What makes a car shimmy at 35 mph?
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What has a larger acceleration a car moving from 60 mph to 70 mph or a van moving from 20 mph to 35 mph?

The van that is moving from 20 mph to 35 mph

Two cars are traveling a distance of 10 miles One car travels at 35 mph and the other car travels at 45 mph How much sooner did the 45 MPH car arrive than the 35 MPH ca?


If a car strikes a utility pole at 35 mph what is true?

The internal organs struck the inside of the body at 35 mph.

How long does it take for a car to traval 35 feet at 30 mph?

35 feet at 30 mph requires about 0.8 seconds.

What is the stopping distance for a car travelling 35 at mph?

3 meaters

What is 35 kph in mph?

35 kph is 21.75 mph.35 kph = 21.75 mph

How fast will a car travel 15 feet at 35 mph?

292.21 MS

How long to drive 38 miles in a car?

35 minutes @65 mph

What is 35 knots in mph?

35 knots = 40.2772807 mph

How long will it take a car traveling at 35 mph to go 220 feet?

At 35 MPH you are moving 51.33 feet per second. You will therefore travel 220 feet in 4.28 seconds.

How much 35 kph in mph?

35 kph = 21.75 mph

What is 35 kmh in mph?

35 km/h = 21.75 mph

How fast is 35 knots in mph?

35 knots is 40.2773 mph

How many feet should you leave to stop if a car is going 35 mph?

It depends on the car's weight and braking capabilities.

What are the examples of physics?

A car crashes at 35 mph, the driver has no seat belt on, so he is thrown forward at 35 mph because an object in motion will stay in motion unless stopped by an outside force.

How many hours by car does it take to drive 35 miles?

If you are going 35 MPH at a constant rate, then one hour. 70 MPH, 30 minutes.

How long does it take to travel 35miles by car at 35 mph?

Distance = Rate * Time or, for our purposes Time = Distance/Rate Time = 35 mile/35 mph = 1 hour

How far can a car drive in five hours at 35 MPH?

5 hr x 35 miles/hr = 175 miles

What is mph on 2000 kx80?

about 35 mph

How fast is 35 mph in km?

35 mph = 56.3 kmph

What animal is the fastest - is it an ostrich or a cheetah?

Cheetahs can be fast as a car and an ostrich runs about 35-40 mph

How fast is 35 mph in kilometers per hour?

35 MPH is 56.327 km/h

At 35 mph how many feet per second does a car travel?

51.33 feet per second at 35 miles per hour.

What was the fastest car in the 1890s?

In 1886 the Benz Patent Motorwagen was capable of speeds up to 10 to 14 mph. By 1898 the Stanley Runabout was capable of 35 mph.

What is the speed of a car?

the speed is a unit of measure used to describe the rate of movement. As in the car went 35 mph while it drove down the street.