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Q: What makes a coffee mug get hot in the microwave but the coffee stays cool?
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Why does a cup of tea cool down quicker than a cup of coffee?

Since more milk is added to a cup of coffee than a cup of tea and since milk stays warmer longer than tea or coffee a cup of tea cools down quicker than a cup of coffee.

How do deer stay cool?

I think a deer stays cool from its tough.

What texture is coffee?

Cool and Sweet

How does someone cool food in the microwave?

there not because jack garlak

Why can putting coffee on a plate help to cool the coffee faster?

The surface area of the coffee is increased to the air. This speeds up the cooling of the coffee.

How do grizzly bears keep cool?

It stays in a cave

What makes the air cool?

The wind makes the air cool.

What window treatments can I use to ensure that my bedroom stays cool?

Using dark color window treatments trap the heat which makes the room a lot cooler.

Do microwave foods cool faster than stovetop foods?

Yes ....................................................................................................................................

How does a cover on a coffee cup prevent heat escaping?

Covering up a coffee cup lowers the rate at which energy can escape from the cup. It does this through a combination of a few things, the most important is lowering the amount of heat removed through convection. Convection is the mode of heat transfer involved with flowing gases and fluids. The amount of heat it can remove (i.e. how fast it cools the coffee) is very much dependent on the temperature difference between the flowing gases and in our case, the coffee. The higher the temperature difference, the faster they would cool (makes sense, right). When you put a lid on the coffee, you have trapped the heated air inside the coffee mug. As a result, the temperature of the air rises until the temperature of the air and the temperature of the coffee are practically the same. Using our above reasoning, we know that the coffee cannot cool down from the air anymore since they are both at the same temperature. However, if you leave the mug uncovered, you allow fresh, cool room temperature air back into the mug. This means that the temperature difference between the flowing air and the coffee causes the coffee to cool down. Another reason hot coffee will cool down is because the heat of vaporization of the liquid coffee. The heat of vaporization is the amount of energy required to make a liquid phase change to a gas. This removes energy from the coffee, making it cooler. When you leave the coffee uncovered, the coffee vapor is allowed to escape to the environment. Liquids will continually evaporate gases until it reaches a equilibrium point (noted by the substances "vapor pressure"). It would take alot of coffee to fill up a whole room with coffee gases, so that it would stop evaporating. However, putting a lid on the coffee traps the evaporation and the coffee will stop evaporating MUCH sooner (remember, less evaporation means stays hotter longer). Hope this helps.

Why room cannot cool when you open freezer but heated when you open microwave?

The room will cool if you open the freezer and leave it open.

How do you make a cup of cold coffee?

Very easy! You make a cup of hot coffee & then cool it in the refrigerator

Is it warmer or cooler near large bodies of water?

-- When it gets warm farther from the water, it stays cool near the water. -- When it gets cool farther from the water, it stays warm near the water.

What produce more energy a potato or lemon and why?

because potato's are cool Improved Answer Lemons. Because they have citric acid, which makes them have more energy. A potato stays longer though.

How do you lighten hair with coffee?

Brew a fresh pot of coffee, then let it cool completly. Once coffee is cool you can take the coffee and pour it in a spray bottle, and let it sit in the sun for 10-15 minutes... Once sold coffee has sat long enough spray hair with coffee and let sit for 15 minutes in hair, then rinse with clean water

How can you make coffee sweeter without adding too much sugar or any sweetener?

You can add a small amount of water to the coffee. This makes the taste milder, and if you add sugar to the dulled coffee the sugar will stand out more. Adding water to the coffee will also cool it down faster so you can drink it right away, perfect for mornings when you are running late.

What keeps the cooldanna cool?

The Cooldanna is a head and neck tie that is designed to keep you cool for hours. It stays cool with the use of hydrating crystals that are in the fabric.

Does PVC conduct heat?

no it does not it stays cool but ,ay flex a little

What happens to a worm if it stays in the light too long?

bob is cool

Does coffee spoil?

yes. it can dry out. Using dry beans makes the finished (brewed) beverage less than desirable to most "coffee-snobs". DON"T PUT IT IN THE FREEZER! airtight in a dark cool place is best for preserving beans.

If you wanted to slow evaporation from a pot of coffee?

cool it down

How can you cool a cup of coffee using a spoon?

Keep stirring it.

How to dehydrate marshmallows in the microwave?

yes, wait till they cool to check moisture level

Why does coffee cool down quicker than tea?

Coffee is made and then sits on a burner on the coffee pot that is about 165 degrees. Tea is made with boiling water at 212 degrees and poured into a cup. Tea takes longer to cool because it starts out hotter.

Why is the water in the earth pot cool?

because the water that is absorbed by the pot evaporates and makes the soil of the pot cool which makes the water cool.