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Mother Nature makes diamonds from carbon using intense high pressure and extreme heat deep within the earth's mantle.

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Who makes diamond white cider?

Constellation makes Diamond White

What makes a diamond a diamond?

Diamond hardness is its field test; it is the hardest natural mineral on earth.

What element makes diamond?

Diamond is made up of pure Carbon.

What company makes kirkland brand dog food?

Diamond Pet Foods makes Kirkland for Costco. Diamond Pet Foods makes Kirkland for Costco.

What makes the hardness of a diamond useful?

Most diamonds are used in industry and not in jewelry. Their hardness makes diamond useful as a cutting tool.

Who makes diamond air coditioners?


When a diamond and silver are rubbed together the diamond makes a scratch in the silver What does this tell you about the two substances?

diamond is harder than silver

What element makes diamonds valuable?

It isn't the element (carbon) that makes a diamond valuable: it's the availability of the diamond allotrope of carbon, and its limited occurrence on earth.

What makes diamond most suitable for cutting hard material while graphite best for making pencils?

Both diamond and graphite are alltropes of carbon. But the crystal structure of diamond makes it the hardest natural mineral, while the crystal structure of graphite makes it a natural for pencils.

Which industry makes more diamond or oil?


What company makes black diamond mattresses?


What element makes the hope diamond blue?


What makes a diamond a cutting tool?

it's hardness

Why does diamond determine the age of the universe?

What makes you think it does?

Who makes the dog food for Costco?

Diamond Foods

What element makes up diamond and graphite?


What properties makes diamond a gemstone?

clear and brightness

What does the streak that a diamond makes look like?

According to Galleries dot com, diamond streak is white.

What chemical in diamond?

The element carbon makes up diamond. That's why it's so hard to break.

Which element makes up a diamond and graphite?

Carbon is the only element necessarily contained in diamond and graphite.

What makes a diamond so strong?

The pattern of atoms within the diamond mineral and their strong co-valent bonds.

How is a diamond durable?

Diamond mineral is the hardest natural mineral on earth, which makes it the most durable of any mineral.

What element makes a diamond?

Carbon, as it forms tetrahedral structure.

What element makes up coal graphite and diamond?


What makes pp higher on Pokemon diamond?

Pp up

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