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What makes a fable?

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A fable is a story that teaches people how to behave. Many fables contain animals. Aesop, a Greek slave, was known for his fables. Many of Aesop's fables came from the Indian book, Panchatantra

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What makes a good fable?

A good storyline/plot for children, some drama, and a hint of romance. There should always be a good moral to a fable!!!

Is cerlery the only thing that makes you skinny in Fable 2?


What makes a fable a special type of story?

Fables have morals at the end.

What makes a fable a special kind of story?

The narrative and goofy execution.

What is the moral of Aesop's Fable about teamwork?

That teamwork makes the dream work.

When will Fable 2 come out for Computer?

I am not sure but i know it will eventualy come out since Microsoft makes xbox and Fable 2. But for now i don't think it will.

How many fable video games have been made?

There are 9 Fable games: . Fable Fable: Coin Golf Fable Heroes Fable 2 Fable 3 Fable 2 Pub Games Fable 4 Fable: The Journey Fable: The Lost Chapters

Has fable lost chapters got fable 1 2 3?

Fable: The Lost Chapters is only a continuation of Fable. It does not have Fable 2 or Fable 3.

What makes a story a fable?

Things that make a story a fable include: a. make the fable about nature b. animals that can talk c. animals that behave like humans d. story short e. end with a good and decent lesson

The names of several of aesop well known fables?

Androcles FableAvaricious and Envious FableBelling the Cat FableHercules and the Waggoner FableThe Ant and the Grasshopper FableThe Ass and the Lapdog FableThe Ass and the ChargerThe Ass, the Fox, and the LionThe Ass in the Lion's Skin FableThe Ass's Brains FableThe Bald Man and the Fly FableThe Bat, the Birds, and the Beasts FableThe Belly and the Members FableThe Boys and the FrogsThe Buffoon and the Countryman FableThe Bundle of Sticks FableThe Camel and the ArabThe Cat Maiden FableThe Cock and the JewelThe Cock and the Pearl FableThe Crow and the Pitcher FableThe Dog and the Shadow FableThe Dog and the Wolf FableThe Dog in the Manger FableThe Dog Invited to SupperThe Dogs and the HidesThe Dove and the CrowThe Eagle and the Arrow FableThe Fisher FableThe Fisher and the Little Fish FableThe Fisherman and the Little FishThe Four Oxen and the Lion FableThe Fox and the Cat FableThe Fox and the Crow FableThe Fox and the Goat FableThe Fox and the Grapes FableThe Fox and the Lion FableThe Fox and the Mask FableThe Fox and the Mosquitoes FableThe Fox and the Stork FableThe Fox, the Cock, and the Dog FableThe Fox Without a Tail FableThe Frog and the Ox FableThe Frogs Desiring a King FableThe Goose With the Golden Eggs FableThe Hare and the HoundThe Hare and the Tortoise FableThe Hares and the Frogs FableThe Hare With Many Friends FableThe Hart and the Hunter FableThe Hart in the Ox Stall FableThe Horse and the Ass FableThe Horse and the StagThe Horse, Hunter, and Stag FableThe Jay and the Peacock FableThe Labourer and the Nightingale FableThe Lion and the BoarThe Lion and the Mouse FableThe Lion and the Statue FableThe Lion in Love FableThe Lion's Share FableThe Lion, the Fox, and the Beasts FableThe Man and His Two Wives FableThe Man and the Satyr FableThe Man and the Serpent FableThe Man and the Wood FableThe Man and the Wooden God FableThe Man, the Boy, and the Donkey FableThe Milkmaid and Her Pail FableThe Mischievous DogThe Miser and His Gold FableThe Monkey and the DolphinThe Mountains in Labour FableThe Mouse, the Frog, and the HawkThe Nurse and the Wolf FableThe Old HoundThe Old Man and Death FableThe Old Woman and the Wine Jar FableThe One-Eyed Doe FableThe Ox and the FrogThe Peacock and Juno FableThe Serpent and the File FableThe Shepherd's Boy FableThe Sick Lion FableThe Sick StagThe Stag at the PoolThe Swallow and the Other Birds FableThe Thief and the House-DogThe Tortoise and the Birds FableThe Town Mouse and the Country Mouse FableThe Tree and the Reed FableThe Trees and the AxeThe Trumpeter Taken Prisoner FableThe Two Crabs FableThe Two Fellows and the Bear FableThe Two FrogsThe Two Pots FableThe Vain JackdawThe Vine and the GoatThe Wind and the Sun FableThe Wolf and the Crane FableThe Wolf and the HorseThe Wolf and the Kid FableThe Wolf and the Lamb FableThe Wolf in Sheep's Clothing FableThe Woodman and the Serpent FableThe Young Thief and His Mother Fable

Can you have kids on fable the lost chapters?

Not on Fable 1 or Fable TLC, but on Fable 2 you can.

Does tofu make you thinner in Fable 2?

no, tofu improves your good, celery makes you thin

Can you have children in Fable?

In Fable 1 and Fable TLC you cannot. However, in Fable 2 and 3 you can. Fable 3 also has an adoption option.

What a fable is not?

The definition of a fable is talking animals. If it doesn't have that it is not a fable. a fable doesn't have to have talking animals it doesn't even need to have animals! But I'll tell you what a fable is is not a sandwich

2 difference between a fable and folk tale?

# A fable has talking animals (definition of a fable) # A fable (usually) has a moral to it.

How do you have children in fable the lost chapters?

You can't have children in either Fable or Fable: The Lost Chapters. In Fable II and beyond you can.

What genre is ''The Lion and the Mouse''?

The Lion and the Mouse is a fable.

What is fable fellow?

The man in the story or fable - also related to Secret Fable 2 and 3.

What is the moral of a fable?

It is the message of the fable.

How does the fable go?

Wat fable?

What fable has an insect in it?

fable 3

Is Bambi a novel or a fable?


Sentence for fable?

A Fable is a type of Genre. Characters and places in a fable may not be true. In a fable they try to teach the character a lesson.

How do you have a child in Fable?

You can't in the original Fable and in Fable the lost chapters but you may have children in Fable 2 which is only out for the xbox 360.

When was The Boy Who Cried Wolf made?

It is an Aesop fable. It is about a boy who makes a false alarm and people distrusted him.