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What makes a good commercial?

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2010-11-29 21:21:28

· Human interest -commercials need to spark the audiences


· Show off - What makes your product unique? Tell the


· Style - humour is good, only if it's funny. I want to sell the

product not boast about something completely different.


Credit to the person above; had to write an essay on this

question and based it on what he/she wrote.

Here it is:

A commercial is a paid advertisement or promotional announcement

that is made to convince the consumer to buy a good or service.

Commercials are on the Radio and Television. Some commercials are

funny, and some are thought provoking. The main objective of a

commercial is to make a product if they are selling good or

service. The T.V. program will allow the commercial to advertise so

they can make profit out of making they're program.

First of all, one good quality of a good commercial is human

interest. To spark human interest it is a good idea to relate to

the target of your commercial. For example, a person might be

obsessed with eating out. A commercial will display food that looks

delicious to make the person want to go to the restaurant. The

commercial should apply to their feelings make them feel good about

themselves or sympathetic.

Next, another favorable aspect of a commercial is to show off

your product or service. You want your audience to know what makes

your good or service unique. The audience should be informed about

what the product does and how it is useful. The products picture or

description should be the best quality possible. It is a good idea

to exaggerate in how well the product performs in meeting needs or


Lastly, a valuable attribute of a good commercial is style. The

commercial can be humorous but only if it is funny. You must also

keep in mind to not boast about something completely different; the

point is to get consumers to buy the product. If there are actors

in the commercial it is a good idea for them to be attractive and

appear successful. And fonts in the commercial should look good and

things said about the good or service should be respectful towards


If it weren't for making profit commercials would not exist.

They can sometimes be the sole reason for success in a business.

Commercials can be so bad that they can persuade the audience not

to buy the given product. If the commercial is interesting,

informing, and funny, sympathetic, or meaningful the commercial

will probably be successful in selling the good or service.Catchy


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