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What makes a good product for marketing?

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The word would be exclusivity.The best characteristic of a product would be an overall market need for it without the product existing previously. Therefore you have the full ability to launch PR with full media interest as well as create a demand and become the only source to fulfill it.

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What is a product in marketing?

a product is a good, services or an idea that satisfies the customer.

Characteristics of a good marketing agency?

Good marketing agency always gives more product sale, Anywho, it's a good product or not. Just like greencircleagency provides the best product (website) advertising in your particular product or more than one product.

What is the main function of marketing?

proper presentation of your product, good merchandising of your product, and good merchandising is key to good sales.

Why is product so important to the marketing mix?

The product is very important in the marketing mix. This is because even if you have good advertising, you probably won't be successful if the product is a failure.

What is the relationship between customer satisfaction and marketing?

All the Marketing Product has some target audience( i.e. Customers) , for which that product is made, the increase or decrease in market is assessed by the customer satisfaction about the product, which makes the Companies to depend on the customers. In short Customer Satisfaction is a perimeter to measure success of the product, which in turn makes it most important aspect of Marketing.

Is product management the same as product marketing?

No, they are not. Product marketing is the sales of a product. Product management includes marketing, production, manufacturing, distribution and sales.

What are the element of marketing management?

The element of marketing management is anything that makes marketing yield the expected results. Some common elements marketing include price, product, place and so on.

What is the Importance of marketing marketing management product and sales in this century?

What is the Importance of marketing marketing management product and sales in this century?"

What are some good marketing collaterals?

Some examples of good marketing collaterals are: Visual aids, web content, sales scripts, sales brochures, product data sheets, product white papers, to name a few.

Is product part of the marketing mix?

The first element in the marketing mix is the product.

Distinguish product marketing and services marketing with suitable examples?

Product marketing involves advertising goods. This typically involves showcasing the good, and touting its capabilities. Services marketing, on the other hand, involves the use of testimonials to support the abilities of the professionals offering the services.

What makes cocacola a quality product?

Very good taste of cocacola makes ait a quality product.

Significance of marketing management?

· Marketing Promotes Product Awareness to the Public· Marketing Helps Boost Product Sales· Marketing Builds Company Reputation

What is a good internet entrepreneur?

A good internet entrepreneur is someone who does their research on the product or service they are trying to sell. They also have good marketing skills so they can get their product noticed online.

What is the role of reference groups in marketing a product?

What is the role of reference groups in marketing a product?"

What is product concept in regards to marketing?

Product marketing deals with the first of the "4P"'s of marketing. Product marketing, as opposed to product management, deals with more outbound marketing tasks. For example, product management deals with the nuts and bolts of product development within a firm, whereas product marketing deals with marketing the product to prospects, customers, and others. Product marketing, as a job function within a firm, also differs from other marketing jobs such as Marcom or marketing communications, online marketing, advertising, marketing strategy, etc. Product marketing in a business addresses four important strategic questions:[1] * What products will be offered (i.e., the breadth and depth of the product line)? * Who will be the target customers (i.e., the boundaries of the market segments to be served)? * How will the products reach those customers (i.e., the distribution channels to be used)? * Why will customers prefer our products to those of competitors (i.e., the distinctive attributes and value to be provided)?

What is the definition concept and approches of marketing?

concept is idea of producinfg good or promotion a product

What is marketing board and function of marketing board?

A marketing board is a group of people who decide how to market a product or business. The purpose of the marketing board is to sell product.

What is the importance of marketing and sales?

A good Marketing and business model greatly boosts sales by getting the product or whatever it is you're selling to the customer.

What are the 4 p's of financing?

The 4 p's or the marketing mix, are the variables that can be controlled in the marketing of a good or service. These are product, price, place and promotion.

Why is product important in marketing?

Because without the product, there wouldn't be much use in marketing. In order to market, you need a product.

What is positioning a product?

Positioning a product is the way the marketing department introduces a product to the market. Some products have high prices because the quality of the product is good. This is a positioning strategy.

What is the product in social marketing?

the product of social marketing is the social change that occurs because of the campaign.

What is product item?

I hate marketing! i hate marketing.

What are the importance of marketing to individual?

it makes one awere of whats in the market and what is out,give a chance to choose the right product amoust the others,protect individuals from being exploited by the producer,marketing prove trust between consumer and the product because it provide full information about the product