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A mammal is normally defined as a warm blooded animal with a covering of fur, skin or hair which gives birth to live young who are nourished with milk, and who are vertebrate. All mammals suckle their young, but there is a sub-group known as monotremes, which are the egg-laying mammals. This group includes just the platypus and the echidna. They are still Mammals because, like all Mammals, they feed their young on mothers' milk. Mammals also breathe through lungs.

Most mammals are also characterized by the following anatomical features:

- A flexible neck with seven cervical vertebrae

- Mammals also show enhanced neocortex development

- Sound is produced by the larynx (a modified region of the trachea)

- limbs are oriented vertically

- The mammalian heart has 4 chambers

- Internal temperature is generally high and constant usually 37 C

- Egg development occurs in the uterus (excluding Monotremata)

- RBC are non nucleated

- Diaphragm present between thoracic and abdominal cavities . Mammals are like humans they have live baby's and their blood try to coupe with the weather just like ours does

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Is a macaque a reptile or mammal?

It is a monkey, which makes it a mammal.

What makes a bee a mammal?

A bee is NOT a mammal - it is an insect.

Is a spider a mammal?

what makes you think a spider is a mammal? no they arent

Can mammals produce milk?

that is what makes a mammal a mammal they produce milk

What makes a zebra be a mammal?

The fact that it is warm blooded, and the ability of female Zebras to nurse their offspring, makes it a mammal.

What make it a mammal?

Giving birth to live young and suckling them makes a mammal

What makes a panda a mammal?

A mammal is an animal that suckles its young with milk, and has hair or fur. A panda fits these requirements, so is a mammal.

Why is the polar bear a mammal?

It has hair, a backbone, has it's young alive and nurses them. That makes it a mammal .

What characteristics makes a mammal a mammal?

Giving birth to live young and nourishing them by udders or breasts.

How amphibians feed milk to their young?

They do not feed their young milk. That is what Mammals do and what makes a mammal a mammal.

What makes a bat a special mammal?

It can fly

What characteristics makes a mammal?

live birth

What makes a panther on alxemy?

mammal + darkness

Is the peregrine falcon a mammal?

No. The perigrine falcon is in the Class Aves, not Mammalia, which makes it a bird. No mammal has feathers.

What makes a dog a mammal?

Mammary glands and hair .

What makes a Sea Otter a mammal?

it nurses its young

What makes a bird a mammal?

Nothing. Birds are not mammals.

What makes a white tiger a mammal?

The same thing that makes a normal tiger a mammal. It's simply a tiger just with a white coloured coat instead of an orange!

What makes a sea lion a mammal?

A sea lion is considered to be a mammal because of it's short thick hair.

What land mammal makes the loudest noise?

Howler Monkey, and the loudest water dwelling mammal is the Blue Whale Accualy the loudest dwelling mammal is the pistol Shrimp

What makes a horse a mammal?

It gives birth to live offspring.

Is a Boa a Mammal?

No a boa is a kind of snake which makes it a reptile.

What mammal makes Mozzarella cheese?

cheese is very tastey

What makes a whale or platypas a mammal?

the correct spelling is platypus

What makes a cetacean a mammal?

They bear live young and nourish them.

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