What makes a tomato plant?


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Tomato plants grow from tomato seeds.

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A tomato is the developed ovary of the tomato plant flower. The plant is called a tomato plant and the fruit is the tomato you buy in the fruit shop.

The tomato is the fruit of the tomato plant and carries to seed.

It is a type of tomato plant.

you put the plant in the ground

the root of a tomato plant is a root!

it takes 4 hours ofsunlight to make a tomato plant grow

Yes, the tomato plant is a flowering plant, thus it is an angiosperm.

Ketchup is made from tomatoes; a tomato is the fruit of the tomato plant.

A young tomato plant and an adult tomato plant both have a stem.

A tomato is the ripened fruit that comes from a tomato plant.

A tomato plant produces a new plant from seeds found in the tomato. You also propagate the tomato plant by taking a cutting, putting into water or soil to allow roots to form and planting it.

I want to know about how to water a tomato plant and how much water and where?

The botanical name for the tomato plant is Lycopersicon esculentum.

Because the seeds of the tomato plant form inside the tomato. That's what a fruit is, the part of the plant that contains the seeds.

Yes you can only plant one tomato plant if that is what you desire. Tomatoes do not need another plant to pollinate, the bees will do all the work.

Cherry tomato weight around 15gr and regular tomato 200gr so it around 13 cherry tomato in a tomato. But the cherry tomato plant will give half in weight of the total production of a regular beef tomato plant.

tomato is absolutly not a herb .It is a shurb

Yes a tomato is an autotroph. An autotroph makes its own food, and a tomato makes its own food, so that is why it is an autotroph.

tomato plant reproduce by seeds if you really look into the tomato(also known as the plant ovary) it contains seeds (also known as the ovule).

It is an edible, often red fruit of the plant Solanum Lycoperiscum commonly known as a tomato plant

right before tomato pick season

in a factory that makes tomato sauce.

The common edible tomato is a fruit of the Solanum lycopersicum, commonly known as the tomato plant. The fruit itself is not alive, but rather is a reproductive technique of the plant to disperse its seeds. The plant is the living organism.

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