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A woman can become pregnant through physical contact with a man

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Q: What makes a women pregnant?
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What makes girl easy to get pregnant?

When a women is ovalating is the best time to get pregnant.

Why do you get erections off of pregnant women?

makes you think

What is the hormone that pregnant women have that makes their joints unstable?

The hormone that makes a pregnant woman have their joints unstable is Relaxin.

Is this necessary to finish in sex for women to be pregnant?

No, but it makes it more probable.

What does weed do to pregnant women?

Makes them stupid and produces a tard baby.

Can a woman get pregnant at 47?

Yes, what makes you think a women at 47 or older cannot get pregnant? If a women still has her monthlly menstrual cycle, then she can get pregnant..but sometimes there are complications at birth.

Why do pregnant women eat for two?

You have to eat for you and the baby too. Pregnant women do NOT need to eat for two. If they do, then it makes them gain more body weight.

Does hugging makes women get pregnant?

not unless they are having sex at the same time

Can women get pregnant by chimp?

can a women get a women pregnant

Can pregnant women eat water chestnuts?

No. Everything I've read online says pregnant women should avoid eating them. They cause severe gas and bloating and pain in the abdomen. They have a type of laxative that makes them un safe for pregnant women to eat.

Can a women get pregnant by a cow?

Absolutely not! Women and cows are two very different species, not to mention that both women and cows are FEMALES, not one female and the other male, which makes it VERY impossible for a woman to get pregnant by a cow.

Do men find a pregnant woman attractive?

Absolutely Yes. There is something about them that makes them Soooo SEXY. As the saying go's, pregnant women glow.

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