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It can be fast idle or it can be damaged motor mounts.

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What gear is placed between the drive gear and driven gear?


You have 1994 Cadillac Seville that keep cuting of when you put gear?

i have 94 cadillac sadillac that keep cut off when in gear

How do you release the parking brake from 1999 Seville?

put it in gear and it should 'pop' out again

What is the name of the plastic gear that makes the odometers work?

Speedotomoter Drive Gear

What company makes Guide Gear products?

what company make Guide Gear products

What is a granny gear?

Granny Gear is a gear used in pulling trailers, it makes it easy to start moving heavy trailers from a stop.

What is difference between bevel gear and worm wheel?

A bevel gear is cone shaped with the gear teeth placed vertically along the periphery. A worm gear is barrel shaped with the teeth spiraling along the length like a screw.

Who makes the gear: a scientist, an engineer, or a technologist?

An Engineer: The engineer that designs the gearbox. The sizes of the bull gear and pinion gear(s), as well as any idler gear(s) are dependent upon the sizes of the drive and driven shafts and the torque that will be applied to each, as well as the ratio of gear reduction, and speed of rotation.

When a drive gear with 15 teeth makes one full rotation how far has the driven gear rotated?

It depends on the number of teeth on the driven gear. If it has 15, then it makes one revolution. If 30, then one half of a revolution.

How do you remove gear shifter knob 99 Cadillac Seville?

pull up as hard as you can in a jerking motion. just be sure you dont smash your self in the face <did that>

Who makes guide gear scopes?

wang chung

How does the amount of teeth in the gears effect the revolutions per min?

Gear (A) has 15 teeth , Gear (B) has 10 teeth. Gear (A) makes 14 revolutions . How many revolutions will Gear (B) make?

What makes the car go fast?

putting it on gear 6

Second gear start light?

It tells you your second gear start switch is on. When on, that switch makes the transmission not use first gear. This is good for icy winter conditions.

Can driving gear be larger than driven gear in a gear drive?

Yes, it just makes the ratio different. Such as 1 to 3.00 instead of 3:00 to 1

Why does my vw polo keep on jumping out of 5th gear and makes a screeching noise when it's in another gear?


How do you fix the speaker on my sims agents?

1st connect the electricity, 4 straight wires, it's easy. Then Attach the long gear belt to the already spinning large gear. Add the small gear to the end of the belt. Attach the large gear on top of the small gear just placed. Attach the short gear belt between the new large gear and the small red existing gear. Good luck.

Why is your 2001 Cadillac Seville making a strange sound when it starts?

A common problem m[ght be the starter gear teeth worn or broken or starter mounting bolts loose.

What makes the rpm decrease after a shift has occurred?

The gear ration changes at each shift. Read this:

What makes a Suzuki Sidekick jump out of fifth gear?

Sounds like you've got worn out syncros on the 5th gear. ~ Tim ~

Who makes Ford ring and pinion for Ford 9.75 rearends?

Motive ( US Gear ) and Richmond Gear are 2 of several companies

Why does a 1983 Honda CT110 chatter in third gear only third gear at any speed up shift or down?

Third gear could have a broken tooth, chipped tooth or bent tooth on the gear and only makes a noise when it has drive pressure applied to it, so either way when pressure is applied it makes a noise.

How do you replace the gear shift handle on a 1994 Cadillac Seville?

I believe there is a pin on the back of the shifter knob.I don't remember which way it comes out, when you look at it you will figure it out, but when it does, the knob will come off.

What brand makes good catchers gear for young teens?


What is a gear puller?

it is a mechanical 'claw' like device that is placed over each end of a metal gear with a center pin. as the center pin is wrenched inward the two 'claw' like arms are drawn away from the shaft this removing the gear from the shaft.....................

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