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What makes an epic?

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An epic is some big event that seems more than an everyday life deal. For Example first day of school, prom, your fist job graduation, moving out of your parents house, getting married, the day a baby is born, ect. It is certain situations that only happen once. Or it could be a story like The Odyssey, written by Homer. It is an epic jounery traveled by the main character Odysseus, trying to find his way home to Ithaca.

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Epic means coppied practicaly

What makes The Odyssey an epic poem?

The illiad and the odyssey were epic poems because of their popularity and what we have learned from them.

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Traits of an Epic Hero 1. Has 'larger than life' qualities 2. Is a natural leader of others

What is an epic theme?

Well epic in movies usually refers to death or heroism but epic could mean anything that makes somebody admire something or something that makes somebody think differently. Look up the definition theme and you could get some ideas. Good luck

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