What makes burpless cucumbers burpless besides the fact it does not give you gas?

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That is as yet undetermined. Much research has been done into it, but the actual compound - if any- that causes a cucumber to be 'burpy' hasn't been isolated. The main study in this area tested various people with different types of cucumber and rated them on a scale of 1-9 for 'burpiness' (That in itself makes for interesting thoughts!). The conclusion was that oriental trellis cucumbers are often marketed as 'burpless', and these have thinner skin so there is possibly something in the skin. These cucumbers are no less bitter than others, so that eliminates that compound as a cause. Some think it may be the presence or lack of seeds that contributes.

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What is a cucumber?

The cucumber is a widely cultivated plant in the gourd familyCucurbitaceae. It is a creeping vine which bears cylindrical ediblefruit when ripe. The main varieties are used for slicing andpickling. One is burpless. They can be used fresh, cooked orpickled. It is technically a fruit but from the cul ( Full Answer )

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What can you make with cucumbers?

Pickles! You can make the quick kind called refrigerator pickles or the brined kind and can them in jars. See the links posted for recipes and instructions.. My favorite is to slice them up thin, sprinkle with salt and pepper and cover with your favorite vinegar with or without additional herbs Let ( Full Answer )

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Can you give a guniea pig cucumber?

Yes, You can give a guniea pig a cucumber as long as its reasonable size. How to determine whether the size is accurate is, making sure the peice of cucumber does NOT exceed the size of the guniea pig's head. This is recommended with any vegetable given to your guniea pig.

How do you make cucumbers into pickles?

well, u put them in a container of liquid and set them there for a long period of time. if this isnt helpful, then search up a recipe...(:

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Can you give a dwarf hamster cucumber?

yes. though, in little amounts and make sure you cut out all the seeds. plus dont feed it to ur hamster too often... it can give him a stomach ache

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Can you pickle burpless cucumbers?

've read that they may get mushy over time. I did use them inbread and butter pickles and they are delicious! However, I plan toeat them before they have a chance to soften up too much!

How do you make chilled cucumber soup?

1 can potato soup 1 soup can of milk 1 chicken bouillon cube 1 large cucumber, peeled and chopped (approximately 1 3/4 cup) 1 c. half and half. In a heavy sauce pan combine soup, milk, bouillon cube and cucumber. Cook over low heat, stirring occasionally, for about 10 minutes or until cucum ( Full Answer )

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How many cucumbers make 1 cup?

Since a cucumber is not in itself a measurement, it is impossible to know how many would make up a single cup..

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How do you make cucumber paste for scars?

Half a lemon Cut up the cucumber leave the skin on it Then put it in a food processor And then you can leave it in the fridge And it's good for about one to two weeks

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Can you make tzatziki from frozen cucumber?

Since you grate the cucumber in tzatziki, you can use frozen if you make sure to drain it very well after it's thawed and grated. It would also be good to put the thawed, grated cucumber into a paper towel and squeeze as much water as possible out of it. If you don't it will make the tzatziki too th ( Full Answer )

How do you make Japanese cucumber salad?

For this you need a big cucumber, roasted sesame seeds, 5 tbs rice vinegar, 1 ts sugar, salt. Put the rice vinegar and sugar in a bowl and let the sugar disolve. Don't peel your cucumber but wash it carefully, take off both ends, then cut it in half lenghtwise and take the seeds off. Cut it in ( Full Answer )

What can you do with cucumbers?

you can pickle them or eat them raw, stick them in a salad, use them in stir fry, if you have chickens, they work well as a little snack!

Should cucumbers be peeled when making juice?

There is no actual reason to peel cucumbers when juicing them, as the skin is soft and goes through the juicer. In my opinion cucumber skin has a little more flavour than the flesh, so it may make the juice more tasty to leave it on.

Why does cucumbers make you burp?

This is an individual thing. Some people can eat all the cucumbers they want with no problem, others have severe problems with burping after only a small amount. But there are many varieties of "burpless" cucumbers you can grow in a home garden - the problem is finding them in stores.

Which makes cucumber fruits aborted?

Could be too much nitrogen added to the soil when you planted. My tomatoes suffered from blossom end rot and the research said excessive nitrogen may have caused poor output fom the garden....

Does cucumbers make you constipated?

Maybe I'm not sure I mean I'm constipated right now and I ate a lot of cucumbers in the past month so it might and I'm pretty sure the worst cause of constipation would be dairy and sometimes and I know everyone does this at one point of their life- YOur so busy you rush using the bathroom!! I did i ( Full Answer )

Can you give cucumber to hamsters?

yes, they love it! :D they love most vegetables, like carrots. They also love eating apples or pears! :)