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Fertilizers provide the nutrients which plants need. The principle ones are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen is needed to make proteins, phosphorus is needed for nucleic acids, and potassium has many roles including controlling the opening and closing of stomata. Intensive gardening and agriculture often remove these nutrients from the soil.
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What are the side effects of fertility medication?

Answer . Infertile women may be given a medication such as Clomiphene Citrate to increase\novulation, to increase chances of pregnancy. Side effects include abdominal discomfort, enlargement of the ovaries, hot flashes, most commonly. They also\nincrease chances of multiple births.

What effects fertility?

Age and health, a 17 year old is at the peak of fertility. If you want to have more blessings get maried and start young.... your chances of conception are optimal at 16 or 17

What makes you fertile?

What causes your fertility is your hormonal system and the eggs you produce monthly. If your question is what can help you to increase your fertility, the answer is healthy eating, healthy life, and to increase the amount of some foods containing phytoestrogens as i.e. alfalfa sprouts.

What factors effect soil fertility?

Soil fertility can be affected by various factors. Activity of soilorganisms on available nutrients, available water and waterdrainage comprise such factors.

Effect fertilizers have on animals?

Chemical fertilizers get washed in with the natural watershed, and promote excessive algae growth in streams, ponds, and lakes. The algae consumes huge amounts of oxygen from the water and can kill fish and other aquatic life.

How does anorexia effect fertility in men?

This one is rather obvious. Malnutrition which anorexia causes (not eating enough) will lower the sperm count in a man. If the sperm count gets too low it will be difficult or impossible for him to get a woman pregnant. Women anorexics also become less fertile. Starvation will eventually cause a wom ( Full Answer )

The effects of inorganic fertilizers on the environment?

· Inorganic fertilizers sterilize the natural minerals and nutrients found in soils.. · Inorganic fertilizers don't just effect our gardens but also our water ways. When it rains the fertilizer runs into our drains contaminating our water and killing fish.. · Inorganic fertilizers ster ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of tibicus as a fertilizer?

Tibicus mushrooms are a culture of yeast and bacteria. As afertilizer, they support rapid growth resulting in the plants beinggreener and healthier or blooming more.

What are the effects of inorganic fertilizers on the environment?

Inorganic fertilizers sterilize the natural minerals and nutrients found in soils. . Inorganic fertilizers don't just effect our gardens but also our water ways. . When it rains the fertilizer runs into our drains contaminating our water and killing fish.

What is the effect of fertilizers on plants?

Fertilizers are intended to encourage plant growth . They do so through their supply of life sustaining nutrients to the plant's roots. Chemical, commercial, conventional, non organic, standard fertilizers tend to focus on the three nutrients that plants need in the greatest amounts. Specifically, ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of chemical fertilizers on crops?

This question is too broad to answer due the wide variety of chemicals in fertilizer, except to say that generally, the chemicals get into the crops and then into those who eat the crops, which is why organic farming is becoming more and more popular and desired by people who have studied this issue ( Full Answer )

What are the bad effects of chemical fertilizers?

They harm the soil by making it acidic. The acidic material does not allow the plants to grow. the soil then has to be neutralised by adding basic material to it. They can actually poison your plants not only the annoying bugs that eat them. Also if you have a pet and it gets into the plant that ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of manmade fertilizer on plants?

[1] Artificial, commercial, conventional, synthetic fertilizers emphasize the three most common nutrients in healthy soil: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. That's why they're ka npk fertilizers. [2] So plants that are so fertilized show the influence of those nutrients in their growth. Consequently, ( Full Answer )

What effects do fertilizers have on the environment?

To affect the environment fertilizer has to be applied at a rate beyond the needs of the crop or plants. The excess washes off into urface waters or groundwater. fertillers are awsome! the are great for the environment . Once in surface water the fertizer encourages plant growth (e.g. algae) which ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of adding lime to fertilizer?

Altering the soil pH is the effect of adding lime to fertilizer. Specifically, lime acts to acidify the soil that is being fertilized. A more acidic soil comes up with a more acidic pH in soil analysis. Acidic pHs fall below the middle, neutral range on a 1-14 pH scale.

What effects can fertilizer do to plants?

Fertilizer supplies plants with nitrogen and various nutrients based on the type of fertilizer which plants need for growth. It doesn't provide electrolytes however.

How does the violence in 'Romeo and Juliet' make the play so effective?

Romeo and Juliet - Violence . Romeo and Juliet, by Shakespeare, is a play which has a lot of violence. Prejudice leads to violence as shown in the play when the feuding families, the Montague's and the Capulet fight. In each case, disruption, fighting, injuries and Death occur. Also, the p ( Full Answer )

What are the Sife effects of fertilizers?

If fertilizers are used correctly, there should be no side effects.. However, if ingested accidentally, it counts as poison because of its potassium nitrate makeup and may cause nausea, vomiting, and other such related symptoms. If the dose is severe enough, it may cause blackouts and possible coma ( Full Answer )

What are the Effects of human waste for fertilizer?

If human waste (excrement's) is treated correctly it can be used as fertilizer. There are a number of ways to sanitize human waste to be used as fertilizer. If Thermophilic fermentation is used the waste will be sanitized for use in a relatively short period of time, usually 1-3 days at 53-55 degree ( Full Answer )

How do you make fertillizer?

get a cardboard box, some worms, and dead leaves. put everything in the box and let the worms eat it.

The effect of fertilizer on plants?

Fertilizer is used on plants to grow and nurture them. The nitrogenhelps the plants produce new tissues, phosphorus helps the rootsgrow and sets buds and flowers, and potassium provides vigor forhealthier plants.

What is the effect of inorganic fertilizers on the environment?

That it contributes to soil depletion and to soil food web decline are effects of inorganic fertilizers on the environment. Specifically, inorganic fertilizers deplete soil fertility. They let the soil be dominated by just the big three macronutrients. By so doing, they limit soil and soil food w ( Full Answer )

What makes the fertile crescent so fertile?

Since the Fertile Crescent extended from the Persian Gulf till the Nile River Valley. The rivers flooded often and the water extended to the land, as the water returned to the water land, or absorbed into the land, it left a lot of SILT. This element caused the soil to be really rich and fertile. H ( Full Answer )

What makes alluvial plains so fertile?

These are flat areas where flowing waters slow down and deposit rich soils from higher elevations. They are most common in the Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and some areas of Indonesia. Rice paddies , flooded fields where rice is grown, are common throughout the fertile areas ( Full Answer )

What effects do fertilizers have on plants?

Fertilizers are intended to encourage plant growth . They do so through their supply of life sustaining nutrients to the plant's roots. The nutrients support the growth of roots below ground and shoots above ground. They also support flowering, fruiting, life sustaining activities, and overall plan ( Full Answer )

Effects of fertilizers on water quality?

Properly fertilized land causes no water issues at all and provides several times more food then if fertilizers were not used. Without fertilizers the planet could not sustain anywhere near the volume of humans we currently have. Over fertilization with some forms of fertilizers can cause water c ( Full Answer )

Does molt effect a rooster's fertility?

It does not effect the fertility of the rooster however because he is putting much of his energy into growing new feathers he may not be as active with his hens for a few weeks.

What are the effects of fertilizer in pools for humans?

Fertilizers contain chemicals that would be highly irritating to the skin and mucous membranes. So the biggest areas of concern if fertilizer was put in a swimming pool would be redness, irritation, or chemical burns to the: . eyes, especially if eyes are opened under water . nares (inside the n ( Full Answer )

What effect of fertilizer in your environment?

Fertilisers can cause eutrophication, this is where fertilisers run off hills or steep surfaces when it rains. The fertilisers then run into rivers, where eutrophication takes place, it starts by increasing the amount of phytoplankton in the water, this then blocks out the sunlight, which leads to p ( Full Answer )

How will the fertilizer effect the pant grow?

Fertilizer affects the growth and health of plants. Too much fertilizer can be as detrimental as not enough. Fertilizer is a combination of minerals that feed plants. As with other living things, plants need food to flourish. Although, there are small amounts of minerals in fertilizer, the three la ( Full Answer )

What effect does soil have on fertilizer?

Most fertilizers must be broken down in the soil before they can be broken down by a plants' roots. Nitrates of N-P-K are not immediately water solluble, and thus are not readily available to the plant as 'food'

How do you reverse the effects of bulimia on fertility?

I am and have been anorexic for a while, and honestly, you have to eat. Your body shuts down your reproductive organs for a couple of reasons; it takes calories to maintain that non-vital function especially when your on a very restrictive diet, you can't feed yourself let alone another organism. Th ( Full Answer )

What type of fertilizers are most effective?

chemical fertilizers which contain macro-elements are most effective in plant growth like nitrate phosphorus and potassium, micro-elements are also necessary. its better to use organic fertilizers like manure.

How does fertilizer effect the wild life?

it depends what animals and what type of fertilizer. if farmers use animal feces as a liquid fertilizer, then for some rodents it may be a positive thing, and for diggers too as this keeps the soil healthy. For others im afraid, its bad news as some animals are sensitive to bad bacteria and it may c ( Full Answer )

How does the overuse of fertilizers effect the environment?

Fertilizers contribute to mineralize the top soil which in turn contributes to soil erosion because rain is less absorbed by the soil, and will just run off. . The run-offs end up in the underground water or in the rivers and eventually into the ocean, together with the top soil. . Nitrates in t ( Full Answer )

What makes some women so fertile?

Some women are just more fertile than others by nature. There are unsupported claims that certain foods or lifestyle choices make certain women more fertile. Younger women tend to be more fertile than older women.

What are the effects of excessive use of fertilizers?

Excessive use of fertilizers: Expensive; Run offcauses pollution of water courses and rivers; Crops may eventuallygrow too fast after a couple of years and be weak, making themprone to diseases.