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Italy is famous for its Roman architecture and art. The leaning tower of piza. And its football players and clubs.

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Q: What makes little Italy famous?
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What makes Italy famous?

Famous landmarks, wars, beauty, PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the wonderful foods, the sights and Italy's history

What food makes Italy famous?

Pizza and all types of pasta

Which cheese is made in Italy?

Italy makes all sorts of cheeses. Some of the more famous are mozarella, peccorino, parmesan and mascarpone.

Why is Italy famous for its food?

Pizza, Pasta and Lasagne are famous foods of Italy which are widely used all over the world. Italy is famous for food because over many generations Italy has developed a love of cooking and food. This makes their methods of cooking more agreeable to a lot of people and led to dishes that take full advantage of good ingredients. Food that is lovingly prepared to bring out the best of all the ingredients' flavor tastes good to a large number of people. This is what makes it popular and hence Italy famous for food.

Is It Italy famous for Football and Cricket?

Italy is not famous for cricket!

What is central Italy famous for?

Central Italy is famous for wine.

What is Italy faumos for?

What is Italy famous for? it is famous for their culture and their yummy pasta. :)

What is the name of a famous building in Naples Italy?

Italy in famous building

What is the most famous flower in Italy?

Lily the famous flower in italy

What is some information about Italy?

The capital city of Italy is Rome. Italy are famous for their pasta such as spaghetti they are also famous for strong coffee. Italy is very famous because of their culture and history. In Italy there are many famous places that people can visit when they are on holiday at Italy.

Where is pizza capricciosa most famous in Italy?

The famous Pizza is famous everywhere in Italy but it is most famous in Turin.

What part of Italy is famous for tripe?

Turkey is famous not Italy, Romania maby

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