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Nobility and patriotism combined with equal parts of stupidity.

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Q: What makes people go to war?
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What persuades people to go to war?

Money, something to do, makes them feel like they're part of something.

What makes war happen?


Did Cleopatra go to war with another group of people?

Did cleopatra go to war with a group of people or did she go to war by herself?

Who makes the decision to go to war?


Did propaganda motivate people to go to war?

yes the propaganda motivated people to go to war.

Why should you go to war?

Some people go to war in belief and faith in protecting their country, some people go to war because they are forced to, and some people go to war because before a lot of wars occured people actually celebrated war and were joyous and soldiers wanted to go to war because they thought it was probally fun.

Did Helen Keller go to see people in the hospital from war?

yes she did go to see people from the war.

How many people did Ares go to war with?

Ares did not "go to war" with any one people, he was god of war, all war, any war, he was the war god of both sides.

Did Hatshepsut go to war with another group of people?

yes she did go to war

Why did Muhammad ali did not want to go to war?

Muhammad aAli refused to go to war because he didn't want to go to war, and shoot people. He also stated that why should we go, to war, and shoot people, what did they do to us?

How did people make presents during the war at Christmas time?

the war makes the presents

What makes people go to Orlando?


Why did people go to war in World War I?

People had to go fight in the army at World War 1 otherwise they would have been shot dead or killed.

Why did the Mayan people go to war?

they needed to get war captives

How do wars effect the community?

people we might know go to war andimportant people who are needed in government somethimes go to war

Did you have to go to war to be a veteran?

No. Just serving in the military service (honorably), makes them a "military veteran." Serving in a combat zone makes them a combat/war veteran.

What effect does bass in a car have on people?

Makes people go blind

In private peacefull why does tommo and charlie go to war?

they go to war beacuse they need to fight people!

Did people want to go to war?

Some did...

Why people go war?

To protect their country.

What makes kids go to war?

there are 2 is because they think war is fun and they lie about their age to get into the army and second reason is that the government makes them which isn't very likely

What does shellfire mean?

it was an attack during world war 1. This can cause shell shock so people have mental breakdown which makes it impossible for them to go to the fromline lol

Why did people not want to go to war in 1812?


Where did many Jewish people go after war?


Did hatshepsut go to war with other people?