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What makes plants grow faster sugar water or regular water?


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Regular Water makes it grow faster!

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Yes, it can make plants grow faster because in photosynthesis, the plants turn the sunlight Into sugar which makes the plant grow,

Water and sugar combined with water is the best liquid for plants to grow faster in.

regular mint dissolves faster because regular mints has sugar

It is sugar that is stirred and is dissolved faster than regular sugar.

BOTH!Gatorade and soda have sugar in them and plants do need sugar to order to grow...AND SUNLIGHT

i think regular water would freeze faster.

Salt dissolves faster in heated water. Sugar dissolves faster in regular water.

no. regular water boils faster because it has a lower molecular mass.

salt, pepper, sugar, and sand makes ice melt faster but sand salt sugar and pepper melts ice faster than sand

Castor sugar, it is finer than regular sugar and dissolves faster.

# I think that regular water freezes faster. == ==

Sugar makes the ice melt faster.

Sugar water freezes faster than salt water. However, regular tap water will freeze faster than either salt, or sugar water.

Stirring the water and using hot water will help the sugar cube dissolve faster

Plants will grow faster with sugar water than with salt water. Salt will draw water away from the plant instead of feed it.

Ice should melt faster in diet soda than in regular soda because the sugar in regular soda makes the liquid more dense. The increased density will delay the transfer of heat that causes melting from the surrounding liquid to the ice cube.

water does because it doesnt have any minerals as sugar water does

Sugar,sugar helps increase cellulose and help the plant grow faster. Plain water will maintain the status Que.

Sugar (more specifically, glucose) will help a plant grow faster. Salt kills most plants.

Sugar dissolves faster than salt in water. Salt has stronger bonds than sugar. That what makes sugar dissolve faster (because it has weaker bonds and structure than salt).

If you notice that some soda grow faster than water in plants. Some sugar in soda kill the plants. So there is your answer, some sugar in soda kill plants.

Corn syrup has sugars. Sugar can work as a fertilizer for plants. As long as you have not over fertilized, the plant will grow faster.

no, a plant does not grow faster with sugar water because sugar can kill the plant and will affect the roots inside it. the plant needs regular water and you shouldnt water a plant with sugar water becuse plants already produce sugar and watering it with more sugar will cause an overdosage and cause the plant to die. this is true research and i hope this helps you! bye! -sincerly ms.clay

Stirring makes it faster for the sugar to completely dissolve in the tea.

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