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What makes refrigerators magnetic?

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all elictrecal stuff has to be conected to the earth through the earth line if not it will cause irretic feeling when touch due to accumelated static charge

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Are refrigerators manets?

Refrigerators are not magnets. Refrigerators have magnets in some of the components. They are also magnetic, but this does not make them a magnet.

Why do refrigerators have magnetic doors?

Increase sealing efficiency.

Who makes maytag refrigerators?


Who makes Westinghouse refrigerators?


Who makes refrigerators?

i think scientist

Who makes electrolux refrigerators?


What company makes Kenmore top freezer refrigerators?

who manufactures kenmore top freezer refrigerators

Who makes GE refrigerators?

General electric

What makes magnetic materials magnetic?

There are small things inside that makes it magnetic

How do magnets stick to refridgerators?

Refrigerators are made of steel, which is mostly iron, and iron is magnetic.

Does the metal in a refrigerator stick to magnets. if so what is the part called?

Refrigerators are usually made from iron, which is magnetic. As for the part it would be the refrigerators door or outer casing.

How are explosion proof refrigerators manufactured?

Explosion proof refrigerators are manufactured encased in steel. Their cabinet interiors are sparkproof with a non sparking magnetic door gasket with foam in place.

Who makes RCA refrigerators?

Whirlpool licensed the RCA name and marketed RCA Whirlpool refrigerators from the late 1950s through the early 1990s. RCA Refrigerators are not longer manufactured.

Are magnets on fridge safe for the machine?

Magnets are perfectly safe on refrigerators. They're made to go on them, and the magnetic pull is not enough to affect the machine. Mine have always covered my refrigerators with no problem!

What company makes Amana refrigerators?

Amana is the name of the company.

What company makes Frigidaire refrigerators?

Electrolux currently owns Fridgidair

Who makes refrigerators that are 67x 33x 25?

All the major brands of appliances make refrigerators in various sizes. Samsung, Maytag, Kitchen Aide, Frigidaire and many more make refrigerators to fit 67x33x25.

Who makes admiral refrigerators?

Admiral refrigerators are made by the Whirlpool Corporation. Before it was taken over by Whirlpool, Admiral appliances were made by Maytag Corporation.

What makes a certain material magnetic?

It's not the material it's whats in iron and cobalt makes materials magnetic

What makes French door refrigerators French?

The French door refrigerators are basically a different design. They typically have the side-by-side doors and a drawer at the bottom for extra storage space.

What are the different strengths of a magnet?

The different strengths of a magnet are determined by the magnetic fluids it produces. The strengths of a magnet are seen in motors, refrigerators and dynamos.

Why can't a magnet hold papers on my refrigerator?

There are many refrigerators these days (especially stainless steel ones) which are not magnetic. That might be the source of your problem.

Who makes the Kenmore refrigerator model 78503?

I was told by a veteran Sears representative that LG now makes all of the Kenmore refrigerators..

What makes electrons magnetic?


What makes stuff magnetic?


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