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Stars are made of gas that is burning

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What causes stars to glow?

Stars glow because they are hotter than the surrounding area. See related question.

What makes stars?

Stars are formed when elevation gass escapes the sun. They will then catch heat from planets, the planets orbit will then place the stars in a special order. Then the star will glow for 10,000 years then will die.

What makes a glow fish glow?

The Scales?

What makes the glow worm glow?


What makes uranium glow?

sorry, uranium does not glow.

What makes watch face glow?

hi how you get back your face glow

What makes a firefly's tail glow?

There is an enzyme call LUCIFERASE that makes fireflies glow There are some species that do not glow however all the larva do. check out the link below:)

Do stars and planets glow?

Stars do, by their own power. Planets merely reflect light.

Do nebulas glow?

No, they reflect the light from surrounding stars.

Why are there no stars bluer on the main sequence?

No stars blue? A star's colour depends on it's temperature. A blue star must be very hot in order for it to glow blue. All stars in the main sequence sre only hot enought to glow yellow, not hot enought to glow blue.

What makes moon jellyfish glow?

they glow to startle predators, it's a defense mechanism

What makes the neon tetra fish glow?

they dont glow they just have a bright colors

What is a stars corona?

in general terms, it's *glow* or auora

What a phrase that is not intelligible?

stars glow brighter than the moon

What helps the stars glow?

The fusion occurring in the stars cause large amount of light, heat, and radiation causing the stars luminosity.

Why do stars glow?

Stars glow for the same reason that the sun glows. They are gigantic balls of flaming gases. The reason the stars look so small, is the incredible distance between earth and the stars. (The light that we see from the stars can be millions of years old because it took that long for the light to travel this far!)

Who makes a quality glow in the dark clock?

GE makes some excellent glow-in-the-dark clock, which go well in children's rooms.

What makes a shooting star fly?

Gravity! "Shooting stars" are space rocks falling to Earth. They glow because of the extreme heat generated by their passage through the atmosphere.

What element makes things glow in the dark?

Phosphorus is the element that make things glow in the dark.

Is honey is used to glow face?

of course honey makes our skin to glow and removes dryness

What element makes toys glow?


What makes a yellow highlighter glow?


What makes neon fabrics glow?


What chemical in a highlighter makes it glow?

it is Phosphor

What makes bacteria glow green?


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