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What makes sugars that the plant needs to grow?


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Photosynthesis in plants makes sugars that the plant needs to grow.

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a plant needs air to grow

Seeds don't need photosynthesis. In photosynthesis, sunlight is used by the plant to create various simple sugars. A seed has the nutrients it needs, including those simple sugars, built in.

No a plant will not grow if put in a closet because it needs the sun in order to get the food and nutrients that it needs.

Water makes plant grow faster then vinegar

Water is the liquid that makes plants grow faster. Also Plant Food make the Plant Grow Faster.

it makes the plant to grow

The plant needs carbon dioxide to grow. When it has enough carbon dioxide sunlight (energy) and water, it makes little sugars. When the plant uses the sugar for energy the sugars break open letting out oxygen. The oxygen goes up the stem into the leaves and the leaves lets out your oxygen. So on goes the process

water is wrong because I'm doing a science fair project right now that proves that koolaid makes the plant grow faster. plant cells use sunlight to make sugars

To make plant grow faster

Sexual Plant Propagation needs seeds for it to grow and without seeds the plant will not grow.

Milk contains sugars which the plants feed on so the plant watered by milk will grow larger.

plant hormones, sufficient sunlight, water supply through soil and other environmental factors makes a plant to grow

Water is needed as part of photosynthesis which makes the right type of food that the plant needs to grow. Milk has some water and other stuff in it that the plant doesn't need.

photosynthesis is the process in which a plant makes its own food, releasing oxygen, and a necessary process in which a plants needs in order to survive

A plant needs sunlight to grow!

The Plant needs Sun to grow.

A plant needs water in order to grow.

photosynthesis...your plant needs light to grow. or if u want to to grow good use miracle grow..

the roots of a plant is what is under the ground and makes the plant grow :)

Gravity affects the growth of plants whereby for a plant to grow vertically upright, it needs a strong structural base, and it also makes the roots to grow downwards and determines how tall a plant can get.

the moisture in the cheese makes mould grow on it, because mould needs moisture to grow!! :)

Chlorophyll. It is what makes a plant green, and makes the plant grow by sunlight. BTW ima 8th grader.(:

They're not - photosynthesis consumes only water, air (CO2), and sunlight. The "soil nutrients" are needed by the plant to convert the sugars into the other molecules that the plant needs to grow - including the chloroplasts that do the photosynthesis.

A plant will grow bigger if watered with water. Lemonade does not contain what a plant needs like water does.

I think that the plant will grow better in the natural light because the plant needs to go through photosynthesis in order for the plant to grow and get it neutrons from the sun

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