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It's called different things by different manufacturers but if the computer is not getting a signal from the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) you will get all of the symptoms that you described. fuses loose in their sockets seem to cause all kinds of problems, wiggle fuses while driving and if things start working shim the fuse blades with foil

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Q: What makes the ABS light come on speedometer quit working transmission shift hard in and out 1st gear only All at the same time on a 93 F150 302 Supercab Speed sensor in differential has been replaced?
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How do you repair the speedometer for a 1995 ford escort manual transmission?

First check the speedometer cable going into the top of the transmission. If it is not broken the instrument cluster must be replaced.

Speedometer cable leak at transmission?

AÊ speedometer cable leak at the transmission usually signifies that you have a worn seal. There are two seals in this area, one or both might need to be replaced.

What part needs to be replaced for a 1989 Nissan Sentra when the odometer and speedometer are not working?

Most of the time, the speedometer cable breaks, and you replace it. The best way to find out, is to unscrew it from the transmission, and see if you can pull the cable out from the casing. If it checks out to be good, then it will be the drive gear inside the transmission, or the speedometer itself.

What is wrong when speedometer doesn't work and the transmission doesn't shift in a 2004 impala?

Replace your speedometer sensor. I just had mine replaced in my '04 Impala. The sensor tells the tranny when to shift. It's located right in front of the transmission.

1989 F150 4.9What if the speedometer does not work and you have replaced the speed sensor and checked fuses Any suggstions?

if i remember correctly they did not start using an electronic speedometer in f150's till 1992 so your vehicle should still have a mechanical speedometer which has a cable ran down to your transmission. the sensor on the rear differential on those models is an abs sensor on 92 and later its the abs and speed sensor.

Is there a speedometer cable on a 2001 350 super duty auto transmission?

No. No more speedo cables, they are replaced by electronics.

What would cause a 1991 Mazda Protege to have a blinking hold light and a non-functional speedometer?

The speedometer cable (which runs from the transmission to the dashboard) has snapped. This is a two-piece cable, and the one-piece cable in later Proteges will not work. I had the transmission replaced, and the cable could never be fit in properly. This is a mechanical speedometer, so you would have to change the entire speedometer part of the instrument panel to use a magnetic/electronic speedometer.

If speedometer not working 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 told speed sensor bad Replaced but speedometer still not working Speed sensor is magnetic type not wheel type?

There is an "ABS Differential Sensor" on top of the rear differential that controls your speedometer. Napa part number UP 530778 or UP 530846. take the old one in with you to make sure you get the right one. i believe there are 2 pin and 3 pin versions. FYI, the one you replaced on the transmission is for the powertrain control module. that's the one monitored to set your shift points, and i believe, to determine weather you are at a safe speed to shift in and out of 4wd.

What could be the problem on a 1993 Honda Civic VX If the speedometer odometer intermittently works and you have replaced the speed sensor on the transmission?

The cable that controls the speedometer needs to be replaced more than likely. That is what had to be done to a Dodge Stealth's speedometer to work properly. ==New Answer == Actually - there is no speedometer/odometer cable on a 1993 Honda. The system is all-electrical. So it has to be either a bad wiring harness/plug connector, OR a bad speedometer head (unlikely).

Where is the lower speedometer cable located on an 1987 supra non turbo 5 speed?

I've replaced the speedometer Cable on my 87 Supra with manual Tranny and they're in two pieces the short piece which around 14" is underneath beside the transmission and could be replaced individually.

1999 Ranger speedometer broken hard shift abs on?

I just replaced the ABS speed sensor located on the rear differential and fixed the problem. 10$ 10 minutes.

What would make your speedometer not work in your 1991 acclaim?

Theres a speed control sensor on the transmission which went on my 1992 they replaced it and now its fine.

Replaced auto transmission on Porsche 944 and it drove ok for 20mins then lots of smoke came from the transmission and it was slipping like mad and it smelt terrible what is the problem?

You may forgot to pour some fluid in the differential of your transmission.

Your 1995 164LS transmission is not shifting out of 1st gear sometimes At the same time the speedometer does not work Ive rebuilt transmission and replaced computer Is there a speed sensor?

Yes there is a speedometer sensor on top of the tranny that feeds the transmission computer and the speedo gauge. See the service manual for details on where it is, I believe on the LS it is acccessible without having to drop the tranny.

Where is the speed sensor in a 1999 Ford Ranger?

== == I believe on the 99 it is a simple bolt on sensor on the differential. Actuallly on the '99 Ranger the Speed sensor is near the transmission. There are manuals that point you in the direction of the differential, however, that is what is known as the ABS sensor. Why they call it the speed sensor in the manuals, I have no idea. Hope that is of some help. The speed sensor should be located on the right side of the transmission, about midway between the bell housing and the tail. There are 2 speed sensors one near the transmission and one near the rear axle. If your abs light has been on since the problem started then the one in the rear needs to be replaced; if this is not the case most likely the other sensor is bad. Simple if the speedometer doesnt work it is the one on the tranny...the 99 also had 4 wheel abs on some so there might be a sensor on the front spindle too I have a 99 ranger 2WD reg cab. A couple years back the speedometer started acting funny. It vibrated violently and displayed about 1/3 to 1/2 my actual speed once I got over 30-35mph. I replaced the speed sensor on the differential and this solved the problem. I'm guessing that if the speedometer doesn't read at all then it is the transmission sensor. However the differential speed sensor (ABS) may have speedometer symptoms as well. The part was about $17 and it took a socket and 5 minutes to replace.

What is wrong with the car when the speedometer needle goes crazy and you don't know how fast you're going?

If the speedometer needle is going crazy and not working properly, it is probably the speedometer mechanism that needs to be replaced. It could also mean the vehicle is having a transmission slippage problem if the needle is bouncing back and forth.

What years differential fits 1986 silverado?

The differential on a 1986 Silverado can be replaced with any year differential from 1973 to 1987. The replacement differential must be either a 2-wheel drive or a 4-wheel drive, depending on the type that needs to be replaced.

How do you repair your digital speedometer on your 95 caprice?

check the wiring to the speedometer. Check the sending unit as well. If the problem is internal then the speedometer will have to be replaced.

Why would 1997 Ford Taurus speedometer stop working and now your car will not accelerate?

Had the same problem off and on in my 1999 Taurus. The speedometer needs to be replaced. The problem is in the speedometer and not the transmission like I was initially led to believe. My mechanic said it wasn't that big of a repair.Coincidentally, the vehicle speed sensor feeds information to both the speedometer and the transmission....See "Related Questions" below for more

Speedometer stopped working anyone have any suggestions on what it might be?

I took my 02 liberty 6 cyl. to have it diagnosed. Stated that the speed output sensor was bad. I bought a new one and replaced it. (There are two sensors on this transmission - input and output) Speedometer still not working! I swapped sensors, since it is the same sensor for input or output, but still no speedometer working. There are two more sensors in the differential. Those did not appear on the diagnostic tool but i might consider replacing. If anyone has ran into this problem yet, please spread the wealth. Thanks.

Why doesnt my speedometer in a 92 jeep Cherokee workbut the odometer does. I have replaced the sensor.?

you need to change the speedometer cause if your odometer is counting then speedometer should be working too. make sure your speed gear its working its in the side of the transmission The odometer and speedometer read off of the same signal. If one works, the signal is ok and the other gauge is bad.

1996 ford escort lx manual transmission speedometer is flipping out. What should be done?

This is very common on the 1996 Ford Escort unfortunately. Basically the speedometer cable has to be re-greased or the speedometer has to be replaced with the older 80mph model. Both "fixes" require disassembly of the dash to get to the cable/speedometer. See the ford escort owners association for more details/instructions.

Your odometer stopped turning What do you do?

If it's an analog speedometer, first check the condition of the speedometer cable. It may need to be replaced.

What causes a speedometer not to work in a Cherokee sport. I replaced the speed sensor and speedometer.?

Is the TCM working normally and throwing no codes?

Your speedometer and odometer suddenly stopped working whats wrong and how do you fix it?

It really depends upon the type of car (year, brand, model, etc.). I had the same issue on a 90 Honda Accord. This particular car had a sending unit on the transaxle (transmission) that failed. The connection from the sending unit to the speedometer is electrical. I replaced the sending unit and all was well. Other cars have a cable that connects from the transmission to the speedometer. If you have this type of car, the problem could be the cable, the gear at the end of the cable that runs off of the transmission or the speedometer itself. More information is needed to provide further details. What type of car do you have? Do you have a manual?

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