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Traction control. Take the car to the dealer and have them fix it. There may be a technical bulletin for this problem-ask them about it. It could be parking brake not compleatly released....or...Wheel sensor,most likely one on the rear.Get one and just plug it up,see if the lignt goes off.If it does then go through the process of swapping it out.Same thing happened to me.

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Q: What makes the Trac Off light stay on in a 2000 Cavalier Z24?
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How do you turn the trac light back on in your 2000 z24 cavalier?

To turn the trac system off so you can do burn outs, pull the parking brake up one or two clicks.

Cavalier trac warning light?

Trhe TRAC warning light is usually caused by a problem in the ABS system. See the link TRAC OFF DESCRIPTION link below for more info.- TechJK --------------------

2000 Chevy cavalier abs warning light trac off warning light service engine warning light?

Maybe 2 separate problems--hae vehicle scanned by a shop that has an ABS scanner

In a Chevy cavalier what does it mean when the trac off light is on?

It means you have turned the Traction Control off.

What causes the trac off light to come on?

my trac off light comes on in my 2002 cavalier then the car cuts off, but will start back up minutes later then the check engine light will come on and they both stay on

Chevy cavalier trac off light came on while driving and car turned off pulled over and wouldn't restart could running out of gas cause this gas was low?

I doubt that running out of gas will my the low trac light come on. I own an 02 Cavalier, and the trac light has to do with the amount of traction you have on any given surface. If you know a mechanic I would have them check it out.

Why does trac off light come on on a 2001 Chevy cavalier?

The low trac light in your 1998 Chevy Cavalier means your vehicle has low traction. Low traction means the sensors have detected wheel spin and the engine power reduces to prevent wheel spin. You may have a bad wheel sensor.

What causes the offtrack light to come on the instrument tell-tale light on a 2000 Chevy Cavalier?

trac sensor might be bad that was my prob on same year cavalier i had same problem, had a diagnostic test run, came back saying i needed new TPS just got that fixed, now it seems ok

What causes the trac off in 2002 Chevy Cavalier?

my trac light came on right before the car sputtered and died on side of highway. towed car home, replaced fuel pump and off i went

Why won't my brights work on my 2000 explorer sports trac?

There is no 2000...Trac's start at 2001.

Chevy Cavalier trac off light?

This question is incomplete. It is difficult to know what is being asked here, but you can find many answers in your users manual.

What does it mean when the trac off light come on and stays on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am?

There should be a trac off button on the stearing wheel, when it is pushed to the off position, it makes the light come on. If it is set on the stearing wheel only when there is a issue with your tires should it come on. (Like if you going over very bumpy grounds)

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