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Im not sure where it is in your car but there could be a little sensor under the driver side dash it should have a few lights may or may not be flashing. There should also be a little knob on it that should allow you to adjust the sensitivity on it

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โˆ™ 2007-11-01 12:47:17
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Q: What makes the alarm go off on a 1997 XK8 and it won't stop unless you disconnect the battery?
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Does car's alarm use battery a lots and battery gone in a couple of days?

no it doesn't if the door is opened when its ON it makes a circuit and starts the car alarm

Hard wired smoke alarm which keeps beeping- please advise?

Usually, this indicates that the backup battery in the smoke alarm is low. If your alarms are connected to each other (usually indicated by a third wire connected to the alarm), it can be tricky to re-integrate one once you disconnect it. It seems that when connected for the first time, the alarm trips all the other alarms connected to it. To re-integrate an alarm properly, you need to disconnect power to all units (usually via the main circuit breaker) add the new unit, and then reconnect power to all units simultaneously (just turn the switch back on again). If you can replace the battery without disconnecting the alarm from its hardwired connection, that would save you a lot of headache. Sometimes the wires aren't very long which makes it challenging to replace batteries. If several alarms are beeping, it may be easier to disconnect them anyway. so basically, in other means you need a new smoke alarm...duhh ahahah

Why if a 2002 Passat has a good battery will it not start?

there are several reasons your car will not start. first does it crank? if not you have a neutral safety switch problem.this makes sure you are in park while attempting to start the engine. Since you mentioned the battery i can assume the engine does not crank. If you have an alarm there is a relay inside the alarm box that keeps the car from starting unless it is disarmed. this relay can go bad and after you disarm the alarm in does not make,keeping engine from starting. Please be more specific whit what the engine is doing or not doing.big difference from wont start to wont crank.

Mitsubishi eclipse radio code?

The Mitsubishi Eclipse radio code is the code that makes your radio work. You need to put this code in any time you disconnect the battery.

How do you change the starter in a 72 Chevy c 10?

Disconnect battery. remove to bolts holding starter, may have to remove tranny dust shield for room to move starter around to get it out will be wires on syl remove them if shims are used dont replace unless starter makes noise after replaced

Why does your smoke detector keep beeping?

It does it when its out of battery sometimes, or it could be faulty. I'd check the battery if they are OK then i'd get a new Smoke detector.Vix XxI discovered stopping the beeps from my smoke alarm. I bought new battery and was still beeping. So I took the smoke alarm and unplugged it from ceiling. I saw name of company that makes the alarm and searched online for their website. I clicked on Battery link in the website, and it had a News Release dated 2005 (alarm made year 2000), saying what brand battery that had to be used to work at its best. Mine was eveready battery 1222 or 522. But my alarm didn't say that on it's sticker, it had other brands and numbers of battery choices. I would search online for the company name of your alarm and see if any news releases on batteries came out, or you can email the company and ask what exact brand and number of battery should you use. I didn't know the BRAND of a 9 volt battery would make such a big difference, and it did with mine. If none of that works for you, then possibly something else. I am now in peace with mine, whew!!!!! Hope this helps. (Sorry I don't know where to post my answer) Josie :)

What does the electromagnet do in a fire alarm?

the electromagnet makes the door close when a fire alarm goes off

How much electricity can a battery make?

That depends on the battery. A car battery makes 12 volts. An AA cell battery makes 1.5 volts.

Just replaced battery and car won't start makes clicking sound?

you might have shorted out something-started, but the same thing happened to me, and it was the stupidest thing in the world and wouldn't hurt to check, do u have an alarm system? my car has a trip sensor so when the battery is changed or shorted to try to hotwire, alarm is automatically applied, and wont start with the alarm on The clicking sound is the starting relay and is typical of a battery with low voltage. You didn't state the reason the old battery was replaced. If it was because of age, the above alarm issue may be the cause. If the old battery was only a couple of years old and not holding a charge, there could be a slow drain from short. If it worked when first installed and within a few starts it is failing, then I would suspect something in the charging circuit. A good alternator will put out about 14 volts at the battery terminals with the engine running.

Who makes the best car battery?

Bosch Battery

Why does your smoke alarm upstairs makes a sound every 10 minutes?

The likely problem is a low battery voltage. Most smoke detectors use 9V batteries and last for a year or more.

If Battery keeps draining overnight and it's not the alternator or battery?

If you are certain it is not a faulty battery or alternator problem, the next step is to find what is shorting out or drawing current with the ignition in the off position. Could be a number of things: Have you had aftermarket accessories installed (shift light/digital gauges/stereo/amplifier/car alarm/etc?) that would be where id start first, then use a simple circuit tester. Disconnect the battery, clip a lead on the + battery wire, any circuit that is drawing current will make the tester light up when you short the circuit/wire under the dash using the probe..this will only show you what can pull current when the ignition is off Hope this makes sense

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Wind a piece of wire around the iron core (about 6 or 7 times should do it) and connect both ends to the battery - this makes the iron magnetic - which will lift small metal objects such as paper-clips and drawing pins. The magnetic property is lost when you disconnect the battery.

What does a ammonium chloride jelly do for a battery?

Makes the battery work

98 olds intrigue car makes knocking sound and wont turn over but the battery seems fine help?

check the starter, disconnect the negative side of the battery before removing the starter. once removed take it to autozone, advanced auto or orielly's and have them test it.

What makes it spark you have checked the battery battery cables and starter but can not hook up cables without major sparks?

you may have a dead battery of a shorted wire or component. be sure to connect positive to positive and negative to negative. disconnect one component at a time to find short. check that the exaust manifold isn't touching the starter

Where is check engine reset button on 1991 Suzuki Sidekick?

pull dome fuse above knee. in fuse box. pulling battery makes ecu relearn everything. dome fuse resets memory only. Maybe just disconnect battery for a couple of minutes and it will reset

Which car alarm will make the car un movable when triggered?

Viper makes a car alarm that can be connected to your car's electrical power, which is then turned off upon triggering the alarm.

Is an interstate battery or deka batter?

how makes the best car battery

Car's starter makes a very loud high pitched whirring noise and does not start the car and does not stop the noise until you disconnect the battery even when you remove the key from the ignition help?

Starter relay is broken

Replaced your starter And lost your heat?

When i disconnect my battery and reconnect it and then turned my heat on it works for a minute. And then it seems like it makes heat on the driver side and air-conditioning on the passenger side. It has climate control for the passenger.

I replaced the clutch assembly on a 2000 Chevy silverado. Now the truck won't start. Suggestions?

If the starter makes no attempt to crank the engine and you did not disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery during the clutch job, maybe the battery drained from something left on while you had the truck apart (ignition left on, doors left open, etc).

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Yes Sports Style makes a watch that has multiple alarm functions.

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Hopefully you have turned the power off so it makes no difference which you disconnect first.

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