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Excessive brake pad wear. Check the pads and look into getting them replaced.

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How do you write a warning letter to a cashier in a bank?

how do you write a warning letter, to a cashier for shortage

Why does the emergency brake warning sound continue even when the brake has been released for a Yukon?

I have the same problem. Did you find out what it was?

How do you disable the Service Ride Control warning indicator light for a 2003 Escalade?

how do you disable the service ride control warning indicator light for 2003 escalade

Warning letter to employee for cash shortage in store?

she was short the amount of R400

What are the three usaf emergency signals?

Diaster warning, attack warning, and all clear.

What are the mitigation strategies of tsunami?

Be familiar with warning signs (earthquakes, ground rumbling, or rapid rise and fall of coastal waters) Listen to radio for emergency and evacuation information Climb to higher ground as soon as warning of a tsunami is released Stay tuned to radio for emergency information

What is the Icv warning light on 2008 Nissan altima?

This warning actually spells ICY... It is an automatic indicator to warn of ICY roads and weather conditions. This warning actually spells ICY... It is an automatic indicator to warn of ICY roads and weather conditions.

What is a tornado emergency?

A tornado emergency is a special kind of tornado warning that is issued when a large tornado is threatening a populated area. A tornado emergency indicates a more dangerous situation than an ordinary tornado warning.

What does the GEN indicator light mean on your 1998 dodge 1500 truck?

The GED indicator light is an warning indicator. Essentially, it means that the alternator in the vehicle is not charging properly.

1998 Sunfire warning lights what do they mean?

Dependent on your model and options, you should have;Low Traction IndicatorLow Coolant IndicatorOil Pressure IndicatorUpshift Indicator (Manual Transmission only)Volts IndicatorAir Bag IndicatorCheck Gauges IndicatorABS IndicatorCheck Oil IndicatorFriPilot

What does a warning beep followed by the mpg indicator flashing on a mini cooper mean?

Its a cold temperature indicator, warning the driver that outside temperatures are cold enough to cause freezing. Basically, its just a caution indicator to the driver to be alert for black ice on roadways. Nothing to worry about.

What is the difference between a drought warning and drought emergency?


Why is the icv light on in 2009 Nissan Altima?

This warning actually spells ICY... It is an automatic indicator to warn of ICY roads and weather conditions. This warning actually spells ICY... It is an automatic indicator to warn of ICY roads.

Is it legal to turn your own warning siren on during a local emergency such as a tornado warning in the state of Wisconsin?


Where is the flasher indicator relay on a 1996 Toyota hiace van?

The Flasher indicator relay is build build into the end of the Hazard warning button.

What does the indicator flasher relay look like?

what does the indicator flasher look like as warning for your oil change 2006 cls 500 Mercedes

What does the Mitsubishi Montero owner's manual say about the brake light indicator staying on when the emergency brake is NOT in use?

If your vehicle has separate dash panel warning lights for brakes and emergency brakes, then the e-brake light being on while not engaged may indicate that the e-brake switch may be maladjusted or faulty. If the brake warning light is on, it may indicate a brake fluid leak, or in some cases, low brake fluid levels in the reservoir. If your vehicle has a shared warning light for e-brake and brake warning, all causes listed above could apply.

When a tornado is spotted what is the warning that is put out?

when a tornado is spotted a tornado warning is put out. If it is a large tornado a tornado emergency may be issued.

Why is your brake light on and your emergency brake is down?

Check the brake fluid level, as on many vehicles the "emergency brake" (in the UK, Hand-brake) warning light also acts as a warning light for low brake-fluid.

How do you reset brake warning indicator light on dash board for the BMW 330 desil?

Service it ;)

What does the power warning light mean on a 1999 Chevy Tracker?

It is not a "warning" light but an indicator that you have pressed the button near the shifter to put the tranny into tow mode.

What does a wrench warning light on the dash of the Ford explorer mean?

It is the powertrain/4x4/AWD malfunction indicator. It is the second indicator light covered in your owners manual if you have one.

What does the car diagnostic warning light lit up peugoet 206 turbo diesel mean?

The car diagnostic warning light is a warning indicator. This means that something is wrong with the vehicle and needs immediate attention.

What is S warning symbol?

The S symbol is not actually a warning, its an indicator that the Sport Mode is active. You can activate and reactivate the sport mode by pressing the button on the top of your shifter.

What does low wash warning light mean?

It means that your windshield wiper fluid is at low levels. Simply add more fluid and warning indicator will go away.

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