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What makes the engine idle speed go up and down when cold?

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If its a Ford-The IAC motor is Dirty & can B Cleaned.

2005-01-10 17:51:51
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Q: What makes the engine idle speed go up and down when cold?
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What makes oil pressure gauge read high?

Cold oil when you first start the engine will have lots of pressure then it will settle down as the oil warms and thins out.

Why does your car smell like gas when it is running?

because your engine is going to break down or when you start the car if the whether is cold, it makes it smell like gas

A condition where engine power fluctuates up and down?

Surging is the condition where the engine power fluctuates up and down with a continuous, soft jerking motion. When driving at a steady speed, the engine seems to speed up and slow down, without moving the accelerator.

Why would your car idle high when cranking?

if the engine is cold the computer says I'm cold so rich up the mixture and speed up the engine via TPS. then once the engine warms up another sensor tells the computer it has warmed up and decrease the TPS signal slowing the RPM down.

Why does car engine shut down when its cold?

Don't know how cold your cold is but, it could be water in the fuel system (ice).

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Why does your car engine have a burning smell?

because inside the engine there are cyilinders that go up and down and whens one goes up it makes a flame to make the engine come more powerful and force the speed to go faster! :) Hope This Helps!

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What does engine help in a car?

The engine supplies the rotational force that ultimately makes the car go down the road.

What is engine carburetor?

The device that mixes the proper amount of fuel and air depending on the position of the accelerator. The mixture is then sent down the intake manifold to all cylinders. It allso sets the idle speed of the engine and increases the fuel/air mixture during a cold startup.

What makes the engine shut down and car sputtering after warming up?


What causes a Briggs and stratton engine idle speed go up and down?

The most common cause of engine surging (rev up and down) is a dirty air filter.

When RPM in a reciprocating engine with a constant speed propeller is decreased by the pilot what happens to engine Manifold pressure?

MP goes down

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Engine idlesup and down at cold start on 92 geo tracker what could it be?

its the RAR valve.

Why your 93 lumina engine races really high when you start it coldIt idles down when temperature reaches normal?

cold engines hve high idles because the pcm is dumping fuel into the motor in order to increase engine operating temperature. when speified temperature is reached, the amount of fuel is decreased an the rpm drops down to the lower idle speed

How do you remove the radiator cap from 99 Lumina?

when the engine is cold push down on the cap and turn left

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