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low fluid would cause this or the pump could be going out

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How do you spell the sounds a mouse makes?

squeak squeak

What makes brakes squeak?

The friction between 2 objects makes them squeak

What are makes of cars that start with the letter c?

· Cadillac · Century (Buick) · Chevrolet Cavalier · Chevrolet Corvette Convertible · Citroen · Compass (Jeep) · Continental (Lincoln) · Contour (Ford) · Cord

Your car makes a very loud squeak when you make slight turns?

possibly a power steering belt or worn brake rotor pad . i suggest buying a ford.

What is the sound a Parrot makes called?


How do you spell the noise a mouse makes?


How do you write a sound that mouse makes?


What causes a squeak from tires when going round a corner?

I think it is because when you brake and turn at the same time it makes friction and that's what makes the tires squeak.

What does a ocelot sound like?

it makes a loud squeak

What animal makes a sound called squeak?


What makes front end drop and steering catchy and squeak on Lincoln town car?

Change upper and lower ball joints the factory ball joints have no fitting for lube. The aftermarket one do

Who makes wheels for Chevrolet?

The person who makes the wheels for Chevrolet is JC Whitney. This company makes wheels for Chevrolet because these two companies have a corporate partnership.

Where is the starter motor on a Chevrolet Tacuma?

Toyota makes the Tacuma. Chevrolet makes the Tahoe. Which is it?

Does your hamster cry?

No. But it can get the hic-ups! That's when it makes a little "Squeak!"

What makes your car squeak every time you drive it?

The wheel bearing.

When a pig is hurt or frightened it makes a noise called?

You are describing a squeak, or a squeal.

Who makes Corvettes?


What company makes Corvettes?

Chevrolet makes corvettes.

Why does your voice squeak when you breathe in helium?

It could go through your lungs and it tightens your vocal cords and make them move fast and it makes a high note.(It pushes air through your voice.)Thats why helium makes your voice squeak.

What sound do hedgehogs make?

It makes a squeak / grunt sound. Not too too loud.

What makes a clarinet squeak?

you put too much pressure on the reed (do NOT do this went performing)

What is it the sound made by mouse called?

The sound a mouse makes is usually described as a squeak

What makes the pulleys squeak on 1996 Pontiac sunfire?

This is almost always caused by worn drive belts. Replace all the belts at the same time. If it has a serpentine belt, then replace it. Be sure and check the idler pulley to make sure the squeak is not coming from the idler pulley itself. Another possibility is a bad alternator, water pump, or power steering pump. Check them all.

Who makes Chevrolet cars?

Chevrolet is one of the brands owned by General Motors.

What company makes the Blazer?