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SES or service engine soon light will come on and stay on if the powertrain control module has set and engine diagnostic code. The code can only be read by a or reset with a hand held terminal that hook to the cars computer. Your best bet is to disconect the battery and leave it off for a few minutes. This will clear the code and if it is somthing important the SES light will come back on, indicating a trip the the dealer is warrented. Good luck!

AnswerYou can also use a paperclip and connect the two spots in the top row of the OBD connector. This will make the lights flash after several seconds. It will flash then have a pause and flash again. Say it flashes four times then pasuses and flashes three more times that maskes the code 43. You can then search the net for the codes.
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Q: What makes the service engine soon light stay on?
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