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What makes the zune 8gb better than the zune 4gb?

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The zune 8gb has twice as much storage space, for one thing. And it comes in 1 more color, but that's about it.

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Will a 4gb zune charger work for a 30 gb zune?

yes the zune chargers are all the same

When is zune 4gb selling again?

jas been discontinued

How much is the zune 4GB?

$99, but when I bought mine at Wal-Mart it came with a free $25 song card for the Zune Marketplace.

How do you know what gb a zune has?

Check on the back of your zune. for example mine says 4GB cause that's what i have. its on the bottom and easy to see

Which mp3 player is best out of Microsoft Zune 8GB Portable Media Player HVA-00006 and Sony Walkman 4GB MP3 Player NWZE436FP and Sandisk 4GB Fuze Video MP3 Player?

I personally have a Sony Walkman 4GB it is really great and carrys a good price. The sandisk is okay but overpriced. But if you are woried about memory the zune is better for you but it is nit worth it. if you are gonna spend 150$ on a 8GB zune you should get an i pod insted but overall I would pick the Sony Walkman

How many songs can a Zune MP3 player hold?

The Zune can hold approximately 1,000 songs for every 4GB. So the Zune 4 holds 1000 songs, the Zune 8 holds 2,000 songs, the Zune 16 holds 4,000 songs, the Zune 80 holds 20,000 songs, and the Zune 120 holds 30,000 songs.

What are the support options available for my Zune player?

Supported Formats for Zune 4GB, Zune 8GB, and Zune 80GB ... or My Videos) and (2) auto-sync has been set for the Zune software and Zune device. Zune software also provides options for manually importing and synchronizing ... they automatically deliver new content to your computer as soon as it becomes available

Can you use a zune on an iPod dock?

No you cannot. i got an ihome iPod docking station and alarm clock for xmas and my zune didnt work with it(mine is a 4GB). i would recomend just getting zune products

Is the zune mp3 player worth the money?

They are worth it. i have the zune 4GB and its great. had it for about 3 years and only a few dents and a small crack on the screen but other than that i would recommend them much more than an ipod as ive had an ipod and it broke in 3 weeks >=[

Is an iPod touch better than the 4GB video MP3 player?

Of course. The iPod touch has more features than the 4GB video MP3 player.

Is a 4GB bigger than a 1GB?

4GB is bigger than 1GB. 4GB = 4000MB 1GB = 1000MB 1 is smaller than 4...

Is xbox 360 4gb better than ps3?

yes if u say its not then u are dumb

How long does an 80GB zune last?

I dont kno if this helps, but i have had a 4GB zune for almost 3 years. it would probably depend on how you care for it, but theyre sturdy My Zune won't work anymore and I'm pretty sure it is a hard drive issue. It worked fine for 18 months. It is an 80gb Zune. I listen to it everyday for at least 2 or more hours. If I can't get it fixed for less than $50 I will get another mp3 player with a flash drive. It should last longer. No moving parts.

What is bigger a 4gb or 16gb?

16gb is 4 times bigger than 4gb.

What is the difference between 4GB and 250GB?

250GB has more memory than 4Gb

Can the iPod touch beat the 4GB video MP3 player?

Yes. The iPod touch is better than the 4GB video MP3 player so yes the iPod touch could win.

How many songs does a 4gb zuni hold?

How many songs your Zune can hold depends on how many kbs the file size is. Some people say it depends on the length of the song or that it can just hold up to 1,000. I have a 4GB Zune and most of my songs are around 5,000 - 6,000 kbs and I only have about 600 songs on it. I guess if you want more songs, you can try a program that reduces the size of the file. That might work.

Is xbox 360 4gb better than xbox 360 250gb?

yes its it means it could hold more space

Is 4GB bigger than 250GB?


Is it better to get a 4GB or a 250 GB xbox?

250 GB

Is 2gb enough for psp?

I think 4gb is better then 2gb!

Is a 16gb iphone bigger than a 4gb?


What is the difference between 4GB and 6GB of memory?

6GB memory will hold more things than a 4GB item

Is a 4GB USB flash drive better than a 8GB USB flash drive?

When it comes to flash drives and SSD's, bigger has more space and its faster. Going from 4GB to 8GB will not be a noticeable effect. Only 2GB to 120GB will be noticable.

Does 4GB ipod hold more songs than 4gb MP3 player?

doe the sylvania hold more songs