What makes this the year of the Passover?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What makes this the year of the Passover?
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What is the weather in Jerusalem at Passover?

Varies from year to year.

Is arugula kosher for Passover?

Arugula is an edible leaf and is kosher year round including Passover.

When is Passover next year?

That depends on which year you're asking about.

What month is passover?

Passover falls in either March or April. This year (2011) it started April 18

How important is the Passover festival?

The holiday of Pesach (Passover) is one of the most important holidays of the Jewish year.

What year did the second Passover occur?

Officially it was the year after they left Egypt, but it wasn't celebrated.

What is the name of the festival which begin the Jewish and Christian year?


How do Jews remember such a time as the Passover?

By celebrating it every year.

How would you say Happy Passover in Spanish?

Feliz Pascuas In Spanish there is no distinction in common parlance between Easter and Passover (both Pascua). Officially, the term for Passover is "Pascua Judía". Therefore, the most respectful way to say "Happy Passover" in Spanish would be "Que tenga una Pascua Judía feliz" as it makes it clear that the speaker is referring to Passover.

Why are there synagogue readings in passover?

The Torah is read in synagogue more than two hundred times each year, not just on Passover.

Was Jesus celebration of the Last Supper really his celebration of the Jewish Passover?

Yes. His Last Supper was at the time of year at which Passover is celebrated.

Why do Jews eat Gefilte Fish at Passover?

Gefilte fish is eaten on Sabbath and Festivals throughout the year. It has no specific relevance to Passover.