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What makes up an organism?

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Cell is a basic structural and functional unit. Many cells combine to form a tissue, many tissues combine to form an organ, many organs combine to form organ system (such as circulatory system, respirator system, nervous system etc.), many organ systems combine to form an organism.

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What is the relaionship of a cell and a organism?

Well actually, a cell makes up tissue. Then the tissue makes up an organ, the organ makes the organ system, then the organ system makes up an organism. But the exact amount of cells in an organism is unknown, but it is estimated to be 100 trillion.

What makes up communities?

by order: organism, species and population... it makes up community

What makes up the genetic material of an organism?

a DNA .

What makes up lichen?

a fungus and a photosynthetic organism

What words make up the up the scientific name of an organism?

The genus and species of the organism makes up the scientific name, but most of the time the genus and species are in latin;which makes it hard to pronounce.

Is an atom a living organism?

An atom is not a living organism, it is an inanimate particle that makes up an object.

What makes up a scientific name of an organism?

genus & species

What is the name for the amount of material that makes up an organism?


What is the name of material that makes up an organism?

Tissue. Tissue is made up of cells.

What organism makes up the first trophic level?

Primary producers

Everything that surrounds an organism and acts upon it makes up its?


What makes up the total human organism?

Cells are the one who make up the entire human organism,, because cells are the basic unit of life, ---ForgottenEunice

What is an organism that makes an organism that makes its own food?

An organism that literally produces (makes) its own food (from photosynthesis) is a producer.

What cell makes up the outer tissue layer of an organism?

Epithelial cells

Is a catalyst a compound that makes up a living organism?

A catalyst is something that speeds up a chemical reaction

What makes algae a living Organism?

Its existence is what makes it a living organism and the fact that it grows.

What type of organism makes up the oldest known fossil?

stromatolite. It is billions of years old.

What makes up living things?

All living things are made up of individual cells that complete the entire organism.

Is a cell smaller than an organism?

A cell is a building block that makes up an organism, so yes a cell is smaller than an organism, but you can also get single celled organisms such as some algaes

Description of mitochondion?

Organism that makes proteins within the cellOrganism that makes proteins within the cell

Any organism that makes its own food by photosynthesis is?

An organism that makes its own food by photosynthesis is an autotroph.

What is the name of the process in which an organism makes a new organism?

it is (reproduction)

How do you make your self organism?

You can't make yourself organism. That makes no sense. Are you asking how you can make yourself ORGASM? If so, look up masturbation on wikipedia.

All tissues and organs of living organisms are made up of microscopic?

cells make up tissue, tissue makes up organs, organs make up the organ system, the organ system makes up the organism.

Where can you find genes?

Genes are in the Deoxyribonucleuc Acid (DNA), which is in the chromosomes, which is in the nucleus of every cell, which makes up our tissues which makes up our organs which make up the organ system, which then (finally) we have the complete organism.